Collection of research seeds and collection of medical needs
Research Seeds Collection / Medical Needs Collection 

We support various joint research

It is a research facility that supports joint research of multiple courses and laboratories. Joint research is possible not only on campus but also with off-campus organizations.

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The research seeds collection summarizes "research outlines, appeal points, intellectual property / papers, conference presentations, etc." for each research theme, and the medical needs collection introduces "problems in the medical field, clues to solutions".

Contact / Inquiries

If you find faculty members you would like to contact about such as industry-academia collaboration, or if you have any inquiries regarding research seeds and medical needs, please contact the University-Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Center by e-mail.
After confirming the contents here, we will transfer to each faculty member.
Teikyo University Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Center E-mail:
* Please enter "Seeds" or "Needs" in the subject line of the email.


Category page Contents
table of contents PDF
Medicine 1~95 PDF
Nursing / Rehabilitation 96~115 PDF
Medical care 116~196 PDF
Pharmacy 197~234 PDF
Bio 235~251 PDF
Science / Engineering 252~287 PDF
Education 288~336 PDF
Psychology 337~362 PDF
Social science 363~479 PDF
Humanities 480~543 PDF
Others 544~564 PDF
index 565~577 PDF
Collection of Medical Needs PDF