Support system
Support system

From the perspective of promoting gender equality and creating a diverse research environment, the Support Center for Female Physicians and Researchers operates a system to support the creation of workplace environments and career development so that physicians and researchers from diverse backgrounds, including female researchers going through life events, can continue working for the long term.


Teikyo University has implemented a "Research Supporter Placement System" that assigns "research support staff" to female researchers who are facing pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, or elderly care and find it difficult to continue their research activities or find time to do research, and supports them in continuing their research. Previously, male researchers whose spouses are researchers were also eligible, but from 2024, male researchers who are divorced or widowed and raising children or caring for elderly people alone will also be able to apply. Please check the application guidelines for details, and those who wish to receive support should apply as follows.

  • * A spouse who is a researcher is someone whose spouse is employed full-time at a university, an inter-university research institute, or an independent administrative institution.

Application form

  • * Deadline for submission: Thursday, August 1, 2024 (Form A, Form A-Attachment, Form B, and other applicable documents)


  • * Submit one month before the end of the placement period (Form C, Form D)



In order to support the balance between research activities and childcare, Teikyo University has implemented a system to partially subsidize the costs of using childcare facilities such as nighttime childcare, holiday childcare, childcare for sick or recovering children, and after-school childcare in the event of a sudden illness, injury, fever, etc. If you would like to use this system, please apply as follows.


Teikyo University distributes discount coupons to subsidize part of the fee for using babysitters for in-home childcare or transportation to and from nursery schools in order to support the balance between work and childcare for faculty and staff. If you would like to use it, please apply according to the following.


The word "mentor" comes from Mentor, the prince's educator in the epic poem Odysseus, and is translated as "supporter." The center's mentoring system builds a safe and trusting relationship through free dialogue between trained mentors and supported mentees, which reduces and resolves mentees' concerns about career development and leads to diverse career development. I aim to do that.

Overview of the mentor system

The new mentoring system provided by this center starts with building a relationship of trust between mentor and mentee. The problems faced by individuals are becoming more diverse, and there are many cases that cannot be solved by providing information and guidance. The mentor listens to the mentee's problems and anxieties, and together they work together to flesh out the problem and think about it. The purpose of this system is to reduce and resolve mentees' concerns about career development, to form diverse careers through horizontal connections, and to form multifaceted relationships by expanding the campus network. Mentors are expected to improve their human resource development and management skills through training and supporting their mentees. We will match you with a mentor according to the needs of those who wish to become a mentee and receive support from a mentor. If you are interested, please contact the center.

Regarding recruitment of mentees in 2024