Medical Fungus Research Center
Institute of Medical Mycology

It is a specialized research institute for the development of medical mycology

This center is a research institute that focus on education and research for the development of medical mycology. While conducting a wide range of research in medical mycology, including the development of methods of diagnostic and therapeutic for mycosis, we are also collecting, preserving and selling pathogenic fungal strains.


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We are conducting research activities to save koalas from germ
In 2001, we discovered the main cause of koalas' death, a tropical cryptococcal infection, which is called “koala disease”, from koalas in a zoo. In addition, we developed a genetic diagnostic method for koala cryptococcal infection and put it into practical use first in the world. Since the discovery of the cryptococcal infection, we have investigated koalas in domestic zoos and protected the health of koalas in cooperation with each zoo. In August 2021, we will collect samples from koalas in Japan and examine culture test, epidemiological analysis, and breeding management. We will report the result of these to Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums in February 2022. It is expected to report important research results to protect koalas in Japan.

About Medical Mycology Research Center

Center philosophy

This center aims at the development of medical mycology widely. As part of this, we are working on continuing research, improving education, and actively engaging in international exchange.

History of establishment

The Center was established in 1983 as the Research Center for Medical Mycology at Teikyo University, a research institute within the School of Medicine of Teikyo University, with Professor Hideyo Yamaguchi as the first Head of Center at the initiative of then-President School of Medicine Shoichi Okinaga. In 1984, we joined the Japan Microbial Strain Preservation League (currently the Japan Society for Microbial Resources), and we continue to promote activities to preserve useful fungal strain resources to this day.
In 1992, the center was reorganized into the Teikyo University Research Institute in its current form and became Teikyo University Institute of Medical Mycology, and in 1995, the English name of the center was changed to Teikyo University Institute of Medical Mycology (TIMM).
Since 2021, the OKINAGA Hiroko Deputy President has served as Head of Center, and 2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the center's establishment.

Organization / system diagram

Organization / system diagram


This institute is located on the Hachioji Campus. In the institute, we work hard and encourage each other through conducting research on a daily basis, and discussion indiscriminately between researchers and students during breaks.

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Teikyo University Institute of Medical Mycology