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Okinaga Research Institute

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The environment surrounding us is changing rapidly with the progress of globalization. At this institute, we aim to create human resources who can challenge various issues in the real world and open up the future with new idea. We will continue to make a social contribution and enhancement of education and research aiming to a co-creative society through the collaboration of diverse human beings.


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Message from President Yoshihito Okinaga

Chairman / President / Director OKINAGA Yoshihito
Chairman / President / Director OKINAGA Yoshihito

At Teikyo University, Educational Guidelines are `` Practical learning,'' `` International perspectives,'' and `` Open mindedness'' but we also believe that we should be sensitive to changes in the times. What is the "Practical learning" that Teikyo University should aim for now? What kind of re-education model for working adults should we build in this age of lifelong education? What is the corresponding teacher image? It is important to continue to consider how to incorporate Educational Guidelines such as these into educational programs.
Although there are institutions within universities that reconsider university curriculum, Okinaga Research Institute of Teikyo University reconsiders `` Practical learning learning,'' `` International perspectives,'' and `` Open mindedness'' from a broader and higher perspective. I'm planning to go. I would like to take advantage of the fact that we are a compact institution, be unafraid to take on challenges, and continue to provide positive feedback to the university.

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OKINAGA Yoshihito Chairman・President

Makoto Kurosaki Visiting Professor
Sizhi Guo Specially Appointed Professor
Hitoshi Tsuji Specially Appointed Professor
Koji Yoshimi Specially Appointed Professor (Hachioji Campus)

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Director Professor Maki Sugimoto 
Takuya Sueyoshi Assistant Professor

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Head of the Laboratory: Associate Associate Professor
Assistant Professor (Concurrent post Hachioji Campus)
Hiromi Kobayashi

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Okinaga Research Institute is located on Kasumigaseki Campus.

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