Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization (ACRO)
Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization

The Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization (ACRO) aims to increase the value of the research seeds and needs of the university, and to contribute to the development of society based on that knowledge and enhance the research capabilities of Teikyo.


Philosophy of Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization

Exterior of the Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization Building

There are many social problems and social issues in the world today. Various efforts are being made to solve these problems, but there is by no means one possible measure or means to solve these problems. So to speak, it is required to solve problems that do not have one correct answer, while in order to tackle such problems, active cooperation and cooperation beyond academic fields, that is, people with various specialties are necessary.Also, it is essential to build a research system that integrates humanities and sciences, especially for social issues.

Teikyo University is a comprehensive university with 10 faculties and 11 graduate schools in a wide range of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences on 5 campuses. You can also build a collaborative system with companies and work together to solve problems.
Based on this recognition, the university has held a research exchange symposium to support the building of collaborative relationships across campuses and faculties. Now, various new joint research buds are beginning to emerge.
Collaborative research within the university will be freely developed based on each campus. In order to further accelerate this, we are currently constructing a new research building in the Itabashi area to utilize it as a place for various collaborative research practices, joint research with industry, and open innovation. The interior of the research building is designed based on Open Laboratory specifications so that you can take on challenges in various new academic fields.

We regard the research style of aiming to solve social issues through research that integrates humanities and sciences as the "advanced", and will challenge various issues at the Advanced Research Institute, which was established in April 2021.

Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization Original Site

Organizational structure

Outline of research department


・ Health Science Research Sector

With themes such as "development from medical science", "sports and health", and "food and nutrition", health science research sector works on recovery to the maintenance and promotion of the most expected health (healthy and vibrant state both physically and mentally) and health condition in a longevity society.

・ Risk Management Research Sector

A department that works to avoid various crises and create a safe social system with the themes of "medical crisis management" and "social life and safety / security" with the aim of creating a safe / secure society and living environment.

・ Complex Recognition Research Sector

A department that works to elucidate the cognitive function of complex system science, which focuses on the complexity created by the interaction of things, with themes such as "biological information and functions," "intramolecular interaction," and "fluid / fluctuation," and humans, which can be said to be representative examples of complex systems. 

・ Open Innovation Division

With themes such as "energy problem response," "application of photonics," and "application of information technology," we aim to implement the research seeds of our university in society through active collaboration with outside the university, and the possibility of initiating new innovations. A department that aims to build an innovation ecosystem in which the university is involved by making wide-ranging requests within the university.

・ Next Generation Education Research Sector

Under the themes of "general-purpose thinking ability training" and "lifelong learning base", Next Generation Education Research Sector will explore various practical education methods with the aim of developing human resources with the qualities (problem finding and solving ability, etc.) required by society in the future. 

・ Social Cooperation Sector

A department that provides various support services such as discovering industry-academia collaboration projects and utilizing intellectual property from the perspectives of "venture development" and "promotion of collaboration" in order to connect the "knowledge" of the university to society.

・ Humanities Research Sector

A department that aims to provide universal values such as values, ethics, and ideas that are indispensable for the sound development of individual research across departments. It provides a new perspective to other departments that tend to be promoted solely on the basis of natural science values.

・ AI Application Sector

A department that aims to anticipate the future of society and provide cross-sectoral creativity and ideas that coexist with AI as a given matter. AI Application Sector provides a new perspective of AI utilization in individual research.


Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization Teikyo University
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