Simulation Education and Research Center (TSERC)
Simulation Education and Research Center (TSERC)

Of simulation education
We are developing, disseminating, and researching

Teikyo Simulation Education and Research Center (TSERC) is engaged in activities centered on the development of simulation equipment and training environments, the dissemination and promotion of simulation education, and social contribution utilizing simulation education.



Overview of the center

Teikyo Simulation Education and Research Center (TSERC) was established as a shared facility of Teikyo University School of School of Medicine, Faculty of Faculty of Pharma-Science, Faculty of School of Medicine Faculty of Medical Technology, Teikyo University Hospital, and Teikyo Senior Nursing School.
The importance of simulation education is increasing day by day due to the sophistication of medical care, and the promotion of Team Medical Care consisting of multiple occupations is becoming a social need. Simulation education also enables active learning for students and healthcare professionals, as well as reflective practices and critical thinking.
This center has an important responsibility for student education and medical professional education. "Everything is for the patient." Keeping this goal in mind, we will strive to popularize simulation education, not only to provide high-fidelity simulation and an effective debriefing environment, but also to promote the development, dissemination, and research of simulation education itself. increase.

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