University Emblem and Hymn
University Emblem and Hymn

University emblem and logo

The university emblem is designed with the ivy leaves, which is the symbol of the university. The university logo has three ellipses, the spreading shape of which represents the image of students who are fluttering across various barriers. At the same time, it symbolizes the three Educational Guidelines of Practical Learning, International Perspective, and Open Mindedness. The white oval in the center represents the unknown power of vibrant students.

School emblem

University Emblem
The design features ivy leaves, the symbol of Teikyo University, on both sides of the word "大學" (university) written vertically.

symbol mark

University Logo
The three ellipses, with their spreading out appearance, represent the image of students fluttering across various barriers.

University Color

The main color that displayed in the university logo is "emotion blue", a special blue that expresses the passion of our Teikyo.

Our goal is to develop valuable individuals who can play an active role in a global society with abundant human power to open up the future. Emotion Blue is an original color that symbolizes the passion, hope, and wise aspirations of moving toward the future. In addition, we have adopted "kind black" as a sub color, which is based on gray-black color that symbolizes intelligence.

Main color

Main color
Emotion blue

Sub color

Sub color
Kind Black

University Hymn

Our university hymn is a symbol song that conveys the School Philosophy through beautiful lyrics and melody, and serves as a source of inspiration for all current students and staff members. It has been sung at university milestone events and sporting events, and has been well-loved since its foundation.

As a symbolic song of the university, it is chanted at the entrance and graduation ceremonies held at the Nippon Budokan every spring by all current students, faculty, staff, and visitors, together with the chorus of the Teikyo University Mixed Chorus "Choral Society" and the performance by the Teikyo University Symphony Orchestra.

Teikyo University School Song