Support for Qualifications and Teaching Credential Acquisitions
Support for Qualifications and Teaching Credential Acquisitions


Please see below for the main qualifications and licenses that can be obtained at Teikyo University and Teikyo University Junior College.

We provide various support to students who aim to become teachers of theteaching profession.

Teaching profession course / qualification / extracurricular course

At Teikyo University, some of the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Liberal Arts of Faculty of Language Studies, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science and Engineering, and Faculty of Medical Technology have set up teaching profession courses for each faculty, and by acquiring the necessary credits, You can obtain a teacher's license such as a junior high school teacher's license and a high school teacher's license. Introducing our teaching profession course.

Support for acquiringqualifications We have established a support system for acquiring qualifications in various fields.

We support students who are aiming to acquire qualifications in various fields such as medical care, education, business, information processing, food, sports, and engineering by holding seminars and guidance.

The results of acquiring some qualifications are available in the PDF below.

Achievements such as qualifications and language exams