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Our university's Correspondence Course are the Department Department of Information Science Faculty of Science and Engineering Engineering, and the Department Division of Informatics Science Information Science Graduate School of Science and Engineering. Utilizing e-learning and multimedia that make use of the know-how of professional technicians and teacher training, students can obtain a Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering) degree at the undergraduate level and a Master's degree in Engineering (Engineering) at Graduate School. Correspondence Course that offer an engineering degree are rare in Japan.


Please see the leaflet of Correspondence Course from the following.
Correspondence Course Leaflet 2024

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Correspondence Course
Head of Correspondence Course
Satoshi Tanamoto
TANAMOTO Tetsufumi

There are many opportunities these days to master information technology. There are excellent contents on the web, and the idea of reskilling to acquire new skills has also emerged. Universities, on the other hand, are the place where you can systematically study information science as an academic discipline. Department of Information Science at Teikyo University is one of the few educational courses where you can learn science information science through correspondence. Why don't you just sit down and study systematically?
In addition, Teikyo University Graduate School offers a Graduate School 's course Division of Informatics Science which is a correspondence course. If you want to do research in the field of information science, please consider going on to higher education.