Teikyo University Mental Health Center
Teikyo University Mental Health Center

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The Teikyo University Mental Health Center is a psychological counseling center on the Hachioji Campus for the purpose of mental care in the local community. In recent years, mental issues have become more common due to changes in the environment and lifestyles.

About Teikyo University Mental Health Center

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Center philosophy

Teikyo University Mental Health Center

The Center hopes to be of service to residents in the community in terms of mental care. Another important goal is to cultivate Graduate School who study clinical psychology. For this reason, trained Graduate School are also in charge of counseling under the guidance of faculty members who are clinical psychologists. In some cases, we may also refer you to other counseling institutions, such as medical institutions that are deemed more appropriate. It is the human heart that enriches cities and lives. As a counseling service open to the community, teachers and students work together to carefully face each individual's mental problems.

Message from the Head of Center

Head of Center Takuro Motonaga Professor
Head of Center
Professor Takuro Motonaga

I always have troubles in my life. Sometimes there is a great deal of suffering that I cannot handle on my own. There are times when I can't help but talk about my little anxiety. We listen carefully to the voice of your heart. Depending on your worries, you may not be able to express it well. Even at such times, we will share our time slowly. Incorporate play, create a garden, and draw pictures to listen to the unspeakable screams of the heart.
The deeper your worries, the longer it will take to heal. Sometimes you may be overwhelmed by despair and get stuck. Even in such a case, we will find hope and wait for the moment when our hearts relax and support us. We have prepared a counseling room and a play room so that you can spend a relaxing time. It is an atmosphere where blue is the keynote and the heart rests. Please use freely.

History of establishment

Mental health care continues to evolve over time. In 2001, the Clinical Psychology Teikyo University Mental Health Center was established along with the launch of the Department of Division of Clinical Psychology the Graduate School of Graduate School of Liberal Arts. A major impetus for the establishment of this center was the placement of model school counselors in public junior high schools, which began in 1995. The number of students who have experienced clinical psychology has increased, and the interest in clinical psychology as a profession and as an academic field has suddenly increased.
In recent years, more and more emphasis has been placed on communication skills in schools and workplaces. don't know. At this center, we offer multifaceted counseling approaches under the guidance of specialists in various fields such as psychoanalysis, developmental psychology, and community psychology.
With the aim of teaching and researching theories, techniques, and practices of clinical psychology, it provides an important training environment for those aiming to acquire qualifications as clinical psychologists.

Main activities

It is expected that the field of clinical psychology will become more and more active in society in the future. At this center, we are working to foster mental specialists who can respond to a wide range of needs and contribute to the local community by cooperating with the hospital attached to the Faculty of School of Medicine, community medicine and facilities for the elderly. Experts are actively involved with the outside world to open up new possibilities for clinical psychology.

Teikyo University Mental Health Center Playroom
Teikyo University Mental Health Center Playroom
  • Training / education / training of psychotherapists
  • Academic research on clinical psychology
  • Collaborative activities with various institutions related to the university
  • Psychological clinical activity
  • Collaboration and enlightenment activities with local communities
  • Other businesses deemed necessary to achieve the purpose of the center


Main activity results / reports

  • Psychological support for children and child-rearing is provided in collaboration with local kindergartens.
  • In collaboration with Tama City, we are entrusted with holding seminars that include lectures using collages as mental care for caregivers.
  • We are entrusted with a traveling consultation centered on nursery centers in collaboration with the childcare section and childcare support section of local governments.

If you would like to consult with us, please make an appointment by phone first.
For more detailed information on counseling, please refer to the center's original website.


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