Teikyo Language Commons (Telaco)
Teikyo Language Commons (Telaco)

It is a language learning support space where the function of language-related support for students are concentrated.

Teikyo University Hachioji Campus opened the Teikyo Language Commons (Telaco) in September 2016,which is a facility dedicated to language learning. It is a learning support space for the entire Hachioji Campus that consolidates the existing language-related student support functions in one place, and symbolizes the globalization of the campus, we support the language education of our university from various aspects. It creates a cozy atmosphere, students receive awareness, opportunities, and resources, while enjoying encounters with people and events necessary for improving your language skills.

Monthly schedule

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Teikyo Language Commons (Telaco) plans and holds various events and seminars that allow to experience global activities including English conversation courses for current students and faculty members, seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas, study abroad experience talks, roundtable discussions with international students, and world cuisine fairs. 

Events being held / scheduled to be held

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List of past events

Date event name Organizer
2022.4.27 (Wed) Quiz game "Jeopardy" Telaco
2022.5.10 (Tue) Cooking "Chijimi" Telaco
2022.5.18 (Wed) Eco Talk 1 "Fashion" Telaco
2022.5.24 (Tue) Live "Hip Hop" Telaco
2022.5.31 (Tue) "Pronunciation Clinic" Telaco
2022.6.8 (Wed) "Tea party" Telaco
2022.6.22 (Wed) Eco Talk 2 "Ecotourism" Telaco
2022.6.28 (Tue) "Pronunciation Clinic" Telaco
2022.6.30 (Thu) Cooking "Chocolate Chip Cookie" Telaco
2022.7.6 (Wed) Chamorro & Guam Culture Introduction Telaco
2022.7.12 (Tue) Cooking "Creole Okra" Telaco
2022.7.13 (Wed) Eco Talk 3 "Electronics" Telaco
2022.9.21 (Wed) HipHop Making Class Telaco
2022.9.27 (Tue) Cooking "Bulgogi" Telaco
2022.10.6 (Thu) Vocabulary quiz competition "Kahoot!" Telaco
2022.10.13 (Thu) Eco Talk 4 "Self-care Industry" Telaco
2022.10.18 (Tue) "Pronunciation Clinic" Telaco
2022.10.25 (Tue), 26 (Wed), 27 (Thu) "Halloween Movie Event" Telaco
2022.11.1 (Tue) Cooking "Cornbread" Telaco
2022.11.7 (Monday) - 11 (Friday) ART EXHIBITION WEEK Telaco
2022.11.17 (Thu) Eco Talk 5 "Disposable plastic" Telaco
2022.11.24 (Thu) Cooking "Mexican Bunuelos" Telaco
2022.11.29 (Tue) "Pronunciation Clinic" Telaco
2022.12.8(木) クッキング「エンパナーダ」 Telaco
2022.12.15(木) クッキング「オリヴィエサラダ」 Telaco
2022.12.21(水).22(木) 「Telaco Christmas」 Telaco

Date event name Organizer
2021.4.28 (Wed) Cooking "Shandrule" Telaco
2021.6.10 (Thu) "Chamorro Event" Telaco
2021.6.17 (Thu) "Tea party" Telaco
2021.7.5 (Mon) "What do you say in Korean?" Telaco
2021.10.6 (Wed) Cooking "tteokbokki" Telaco
2021.10.16 (Sat) "Seisha Festival" Telaco
2021.10.26 (Tue), 27 (Wed), 28 (Thu) "Halloween Movie Event" Telaco
2021.11.10 (Wednesday), 18 (Thursday) "Latin Event" Telaco
2021.11.24 (Wed) Cooking "Empanada" Telaco
2021.12.2 (Thu) Vocabulary quiz competition "Kahoot!" Telaco
2021.12.16 (Thu) "Christmas Event" Telaco
2021.12.22 (Wed) Cooking "Kasha" Telaco
2022.1.7 (Friday) "Ozoni with Telaco" Telaco

Date event name Organizer
2020.9.30 (Wed) Virtual tour "Barcelona" Telaco
2020.10.15 (Thursday) Virtual tour "Geneva" Telaco
2020.10.27 (Tue), 28 (Wed), 29 (Thu) "Halloween Movie Event" Telaco
2020.11.10 (Tue) Virtual Tour "Florida" Telaco
2020.11.26 (Thu) Vocabulary quiz competition "Kahoot!" Telaco
2020.12.2 (Wed) Virtual Tour "Guam" Telaco
2020.12.8 (Tue) Virtual tour "Seoul" Telaco
December 17, 2020 (Thursday) "Christmas Event" Telaco
2021.1.7 (Thursday) Virtual tour "Moscow" Telaco


Date event name Organizer
2019.12.11 (Wednesday) L'ESCALADE Telaco


Date event name Organizer
2018.6.19 (Tue) "Chocolate Around The World" Telaco
2018.6.28 (Thursday) "Telaco's Cooking Class" Telaco
2018.7.11 (Wednesday), 25 (Wednesday) "Telaco's Cooking Class" Telaco
2018.11.22 (Thursday) "German Fest" Telaco
2018.12.20 (Thursday) Christmas Party Telaco


Date event name Organizer
2017.5.10 (Wednesday) and 24 (Wednesday) "Telaco's Cooking Class" Telaco
2017.6.14 (Wednesday), 29 (Wednesday) "Telaco's Cooking Class" Telaco
2017.6.30 (Friday) "A LOOK INTO Hula" Telaco
2017.7.14 (Friday), 25 (Tuesday) "Telaco's Cooking Class" Telaco
2017.7.19 (Wednesday) "ENGLISH WORKSHOP" Telaco
2017.7.24 (Monday) "Shinichiro Nishino: The man who brought Amazon to Japan" Telaco
2017.7.26 (Wednesday) "Pronunciation Clinic" Telaco


Date event name Organizer
2016.11.14 (Monday) -2017.1.16 (Monday) "English Conversation Lounge Time for Full-time University Teachers" Telaco
2016.11.21 (Monday) -2017.1.16 (Monday) "English Conversation Course for University Staff" Telaco
2016.12.15 (Thursday) "Cooking Party" Center for Global Education

2016.12.12 (Monday) -16 (Friday)

"Christmas Week" Telaco
2016.11.29 (Tue) "Cooking Party" Center for Global Education
2016.11.10 (Thursday) "Cooking Party" Center for Global Education
Thursday, October 27, 2016 "Halloween version coffee hour" Center for Global Education

2016.10.24 (Monday) -28 (Friday)

"Halloween Week" Telaco

2016.10.14 (Friday), 17 (Monday), 25th (Tuesday)

"2017 Spring Durham Branch School Short-term Study Abroad 6-month Course Recruitment Information Session" Center for Global Education

2016.10.6 (Thursday) -13 (Thursday)

"2017 Exchange Study Abroad Recruitment Information Session" Center for Global Education

2016.10.3 (Monday) -5 (Wednesday)

"2016 Spring Holiday Study Abroad Recruitment Information Session" Center for Global Education

2016.9.26 (Monday) / 30 (Friday)

"2016 Spring Holiday Study Abroad Recruitment Information Session" Center for Global Education

2016.9.27 (Tue) -29 (Thu)

"Study Abroad Fair" International Exchange Committee
Center for Global Education

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