Teikyo Technology Transfer Center (TTTC)
Teikyo Technology Transfer Center (TTTC)

We aim to return the "knowledge" that is the property of the university to society.

Teikyo Technology Transfer Center (Teikyo Technology Transfer Center) is a program where faculty and staff of the University create intellectual property. We provide support for effective use of this in industries and regions.


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Supporting the commercialization of oral care candy that enables oral environment management

We supported the commercialization of oral care candy that enables oral environment management, jointly developed by Teikyo University Institute of Medical Mycology and UHA Mikakuto Co., Ltd.
Teikyo Technology Transfer Center supported the commercialization of oral care candy that enables oral environment management, jointly developed by Teikyo University Institute of Medical Mycology and UHA Mikakuto Co., Ltd. Specifically, we support the acquisition of intellectual property licenses for this product, introduce it at various exhibitions, and use the Teikyo University logo, and carry out activities to widely communicate our university's research results to society. Ta. Teikyo University aims to contribute to society by utilizing the knowledge and technology gained through teaching and research, and through industry-academia collaboration. This development is one of the successful examples of solving the social issue of oral hygiene management.

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About Teikyo Technology Transfer Center

Center philosophy

This center is engaged in activities to return the "knowledge" of Teikyo University (created from intellectual activities within the university, including intellectual property such as patents) to society.

Chairman / President
Chairman / President OKINAGA Yoshihito

One of the major roles universities are expected to play in modern times is to return the university's asset, knowledge, to society. In order to fulfill this social responsibility, our university aims to appropriately manage the various intellectual properties cultivated through research within the university at Teikyo Technology Transfer Center, and to return them to society for use.
Our university's Educational Guidelines are `` Practical learning,'' `` International perspectives,'' and `` Open mindedness.'' In order to make use of our university's intellectual property widely in society, we need to make these Educational Guidelines concrete. Become. As we work to understand and utilize the intellectual property held by the university in a variety of ways, we hope to foster know-how and culture regarding intellectual property within the university, and develop this into our university's distinctive social contribution activities. Masu.

Head of Center
Professor Hodaka Nakanishi Head of Center

Teikyo Technology Transfer Center is promoting activities that connect Teikyo University's "knowledge" with society. Taking advantage of the characteristics of being a comprehensive university, we engage in diverse forms of collaboration in a wide range of fields, including Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration, collaboration with financial institutions, and collaboration with local communities and residents. Specifically, we support the creation of intellectual property, license activities to effectively utilize the intellectual property created, support for joint research and contract research between our university and industry, and support for medical needs at our university. Its activities are wide-ranging, including medical-engineering collaboration that connects industry and support for the creation of university-originated ventures.
Because industry-academia collaboration activities involve many stakeholders and involve a wide variety of activities, we often hear people say that they do not know who to contact at their university for advice. Teikyo Technology Transfer Center, as a portal site for our university's industry-academia collaboration, promotes these activities while collaborating organically with organizations inside and outside the university. Please feel free to contact us.

Organization / system diagram

Organization / system diagram

Head of Center
Specially Appointed Professor Hodaka Nakanishi

Senior Assistant Professor Yuko Toda (and industry-university collaboration coordinator)
Tsuyoshi TakadaAssistant Assistant Professor
Takako AizawaResearcher / Coordinator for Industry-University Collaboration

Yoichi Yokota Visiting Associate Professor

(As of February 2023)

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Teikyo Technology Transfer Center (TTTC)

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