Learning Technology Development Office
Learning Technology Development Office

Learning technology utilization class
Supporting and disseminating

In this development room, we are engaged in activities such as research and development of technology for learning based on information and communication technology (learning technology), utilization support in education, and dissemination within the university. In particular, with the aim of promoting lesson improvement at Teikyo University, we are supporting learning technology utilization classes such as assisting the use of learning management systems (LMS), holding seminars for faculty and staff, and promoting learning technology by issuing newsletters. increase.


We are now in an era where teachers naturally introduce information and communication technology (learning technology) that specializes in learning activities when they practice better lessons. In order to continuously promote lesson improvement centered on the utilization of learning technology, the university as a whole needs a system to systematically support faculty members. The Learning Technology Development Office was established on the Utsunomiya Campus in 2003 to support the utilization of learning technology by our faculty members and to develop and maintain a basic system for utilization. Since then, we have been providing university-wide learning management system (LMS) services and continuing activities centered on LMS utilization class support.

Purpose and business

We carry out the following tasks with the aim of promoting the development and dissemination of learning technology for the continuous improvement of classes at our university.

  • Development of learning technology for class improvement
  • Digitization of lessons and support for internet lessons
  • Promotional activities for class improvement through learning technology
  • Research and research on learning technology

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