Social Contributions Through Sports
Social Contribution Through Sports

We are engaged in activities to deepen our connection with the local community through sports.

We are also working to contribute to society through sports. Students and faculty members of clubs in the Physical Education Department hold joint practices and open up their classrooms to people in the local community to strengthen ties with the local community. We are also actively contributing to society in the realm of professional sports.

Efforts at Teikyo University Physical Education Bureau Club

Group photo of Rugby Football Club

Rugby Football Club

We support the operation of R&B Rugby Club, a rugby club for boys and girls. Masayuki Iwade (Professor and Director Sports Bureau at Teikyo University) serves as the advisor, and the club members provide guidance and the club operates with the cooperation of parents and volunteers.

Group photo of Kendo Club

Kendo Club


Group photo of Karatedo club

Karatedo club

We have opened a boys' karate class for local residents, and we are also holding the "Okinaga Cup Competition High School Karatedo Championships".

Group photo of judo club

Judo club

We are conducting joint practice for high school students at the judo club dojo.

Group photo of Cheerleading Club

Cheerleading Club

We are conducting joint practice with the club for high school students. In 2010, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our founding and held the BUFFALOS Festival inviting high school students as a commemorative event.

Group photo of baseball club

Baseball club

At Teikyo University Baseball Club Ground, we regularly hold "boys' baseball classes" in the Sagamiko area and neighboring areas where we have grounds and dormitories.

Group photo of Ekiden (Road Relay) Club

Ekiden (Road Relay) Club

Students are participating as instructors in the youth athletics class sponsored by the Hachioji Athletics Association. In addition, at the request of the Japan Blind Marathon Association, we participate in training camps and marathon competitions for visually impaired runners, and provide accompanying running and running support.

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