Strengthening club
Strengthening club

Aiming to be the best university in Japan while working hard with friends

Our university has a number of club groups that have been designated as strengthened with the aim of becoming the best university in Japan. The experience of sharing goals and spending the same time with colleagues are essential parts of enriching a life in University. We actively support the activities of such students.

Facility introduction of strengthening club

It is a fulfilling exercise facility for aiming for higher heights as an athlete.

Our strengthening club has produced a large number of excellent athletes for a long time, and we are working to enhance sports facilities such as grounds and training centers in order to further improve our competitiveness.

Facilities for strengthening clubs


The Budokan has a karate dojo on the 1st floor, a judo hall on the 2nd floor, and a kendo hall on the 3rd floor. A training room and a treatment center are also set up on the 1st basement floor, making it a versatile and open facility.

Baseball field facility

The baseball club will practice repeatedly in Sagamihara City, which is adjacent to Tokyo. The dedicated stadium with both wings 93m and mid-sized 120m is equipped with 8 lights. In addition, there are 4 indoor practice areas where you can practice hitting and pitching for 5 people at the same time.

training center

At the training center on the Hachioji Campus, which has a full range of equipment, the Rugby Football Club and Cheerleading Club are working hard on strength training every day. (The training center is a facility built for current students of the Faculty of Medical Technology to use for practical training in aiming to become an athletic trainer.)