Community Partnerships at the Itabashi Campus
Community Partnerships at the Itabashi Campus

We carry out cooperation with the region in the medical field

We provide a place where children and parents who are informed of their parents' cancer can feel at ease.

At Koala Cafe®, volunteers with medical professional qualifications working in hospitals and universities receive the training necessary to accept their children's feelings and implement a support program for children who are informed of their parents' cancer. At the same time, we care for parents and their spouses who have the common experience of raising children while suffering from cancer. We aim to reduce anxiety about cancer and future life of children and parents.

What is Koala Cafe®?

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Koala Cafe® is a support program for school-aged (elementary school) children and their parents who are informed that their parents have cancer. The aim is for children to have the correct knowledge of cancer and its treatment so that parents can cope with the changed lives of cancer and control their own emotions. By sharing that feeling with colleagues who have the same experience, you are expected to be free from the feeling of loneliness. In addition, parents themselves have a common experience of raising children while suffering from cancer. By sharing the experiences and worries with parents, it is expected that the feelings will be stable and the child will be able to live calmly.

Program purpose and flow

program Purpose
1. The starting ring It's time to recognize that this program (Koala Cafe®) is a safe and special place where you can freely express your feelings and thoughts. Check the rules while participating in the program at this time.

2. Activities for making friends Free play

It relieves the tension and anxiety of children and creates an opportunity for children to interact with each other. In addition, through play, we aim to express our emotions that cannot be expressed in words and to have the experience of being heard, so that we can positively grasp ourselves and adjust our feelings and emotions.
3. Story time This is a time for children to gain knowledge about the disease called cancer, how to treat it, and to deepen their thoughts on life by using picture books, picture-story shows, and videos. After that, one of the purposes is to set up a place to talk about one's experiences and feelings and share them to realize one's feelings.
4. End ring It's time to switch feelings to get back to everyday life from the program.
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Program for parents

Koala Cafe® also offers programs for parents and their spouses as well as children. (Free participation) It is important for children to have a stable feeling for their parents. This program focuses on "speaking" and provides a place for parents and their spouses who have the common experience of raising children while having the illness of cancer to gather and share their worries and experiences. Sharing your own thoughts and experiences will give you an opportunity to come into contact with various ideas.


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Koala Cafe ® Secretariat
2-11-1 Kaga, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-8605, Teikyo University Faculty of Medical Technology Department of Nursing
TEL: 03-3964-1211 (Representative) On-campus mobile: 8773
E-mail: (Click here to apply)
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We will do our utmost to develop medical care

At the Itabashi Campus, we are working on the "Cancer Professional Training Infrastructure Promotion Plan" and holding "Harvard Special Session" as an inter-university collaboration. Through collaboration between universities in medical care, we will focus on developing human resources involved in medical care and its fields.

Cancer Professional Training Infrastructure Promotion Plan

As part of Graduate School education, with the goal of building a cancer education and research base and promoting cancer education reform, we will focus on training specialist doctors, specialist nurses, specialized pharmacists, specialized medical physicists, etc. for cancer treatment. As a result, this is a project aimed at the development of cancer medicine. Groups from Teikyo University, Tokyo Women's Medical University, Kyorin University, and Komazawa University were selected for this project (2012-2016). At these four schools, we implemented a "practical education for human resources who will be responsible for urban cancer medical cooperation".

Harvard Special Session

Since 1993, the Itabashi Campus has partnered with Harvard University to hold exchanges between students and faculty members, joint symposiums, seminars, etc., and has contributed to the development of public health in Japan. Five world-renowned authorities from Harvard University etc. will visit Japan and take charge of eight special lectures (Harvard Special Session).
This special lecture is also attended by American and Asian students, who can literally study in an international atmosphere. We believe that this lecture will be an opportunity to study not only epidemiology and biostatistics, but also behavioral science, health administration, and environmental health in earnest, including cutting-edge knowledge.

Harvard Special Session

Concluded an agreement with Kita-ku and Itabashi-ku, Tokyo to further strengthen Community Partnership

The Itabashi Campus has signed an agreement with the Kita Ward and Itabashi Ward of Tokyo regarding cooperation with the local community. We will promote plans that allow the university and each ward to exert their mutual strengths and further contribute to the community.

Build deeper cooperation

In 2012, the university signed agreements with Kita-ku and Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, respectively. We will work more deeply with each local government on medical care, disaster response, education, regional promotion, etc.
At the time of the conclusion of the agreement, Teikyo University and Itabashi Ward established the "Teikyo University Community Partnership Council" in order to systematically promote this collaboration.
Agreement / Memorandum of Understanding between the University and Kita-ku, Tokyo
■ Comprehensive Agreement on Cooperation and Cooperation between Kita-ku, Tokyo and Teikyo University
■ Agreement on cooperation between Kita-ku, Tokyo and Teikyo University in the event of a disaster
■ Memorandum of Understanding on Utilization of the Former Fujimi Junior High School Site
Agreement / Memorandum of Understanding between the University and Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
■ Basic agreement on Community Partnership with Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

Also used as a place to train the abilities necessary for working as a emergency medical technician

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We regularly hold Emergency Medical Technician Course training and rescue volunteer activities for local residents, mainly students of the Department of Sport and Medical Science Faculty of Medical Technology. At the Itabashi City Marathon (formerly Tokyo Arakawa Citizens Marathon), which is held every year at the Arakawa Riverbed, we have been receiving requests from Itabashi Ward since the 2009 Games to support participating runners as rescue volunteers.
At the 2019 Games, we used to communicate by mobile phone as a means of communication to quickly grasp the overall situation of relief activities and to communicate information more quickly, but only one-on-one communication. There was a case where I couldn't connect. Therefore, we introduced SNS as a means of communication for the first time in search of a faster means of communication, and we are also using it as a place to explore more accurate and quick methods of relief activities.
In addition, by interacting with people of all ages, from small children to the elderly in the area, you can learn how to communicate, and gain experience in volunteer activities to develop the abilities necessary to work as a emergency medical technician. It is also used as a place to do things.

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We support women's health and local child-rearing

As one of the collaborative projects between Teikyo University and Itabashi Ward, the Pathophysiology Laboratory of the Faculty of Faculty of Pharma-Science collaborates with the Itabashi Ward Children's Center and dispatches our students to the Itabashi Ward Children's Center to hold "Child-rearing Support Classes" about 10 times a year. doing.
It was not possible to implement it in 2020 due to the Korona-ka, but it will start in 2016 and this year will be the 6th year.

【Implementation content】Talking about women's health and making aroma hand cream
Students belonging to the laboratory will use their own posters to convey in a skit format on themes such as female hormones, proper weight, and bone health. In addition, you can actually use the experimental equipment and experience making aroma hand cream. Children sometimes participate together, so it's a very peaceful atmosphere. It is a meaningful time for students as a place to directly interact with the inhabitants of the ward.

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While deepening exchanges with the community, we are making efforts to popularize cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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The ACLS Study Group of the University holds a cardiopulmonary resuscitation course for local residents who are members of the Itabashi Ward Board of Education Youth Healthy Development Council. If someone suddenly collapses or collapses in their daily lives, those around them can provide first aid, and if necessary, CPR / AED can be used promptly. It is important. To that end, the dissemination of cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the general public has become an important issue for healthcare professionals.
In this CPR class, you will be divided into multiple groups to mainly learn chest compressions (heart massage) and how to use AEDs.

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