About Teikyo University

About Teikyo University About Teikyo University

The university was founded in 1966.
The university opened with a Department of Japanese Literature and a Department of English Literature in the Faculty of Liberal Arts, and a Department of Economics in the Faculty of Economics.
With each new era since, the university has expanded its potential as a center for learning.
It has now grown into a university with five campuses
in Itabashi, Hachioji, Utsunomiya, Fukuoka, and Kasumigaseki.

School Philosophy and Educational Philosophy

Through applied programs we aim to develop skilled human resources who:
- Recognize that achievement comes from effort
- Have open minds and extensive knowledge
- Think from an international perspective
- Have creativity and good character

Educational Philosophy

“One’s way”

“One’s way” refers to a life philosophy whereby one finds their purpose or interests and learns the knowledge and skills to maximize their own unique individuality to their advantage. One assumes full responsibility for the consequences of their actions. We offer our support to encourage students to learn to live their lives ‘their way.’

Educational Guidelines

"Practical learning"

Practical learning that helps students master logical thinking skills through real-world experience.

"International perspectives"

International perspectives that help students learn how to understand and experience other cultures.

"Open mindedness"

Open mindedness that helps students learn a balanced mix of knowledge and skills that are necessary for their future.

Message from the President

Practical learning that helps students master logical thinking skills through real-world experience.

Despite signs of economic stability in Japan and abroad, the world has not yet managed to eliminate the growing structural problems in politics, society, and race relations.

Our Three Policies

The Educational Philosophy of “One’s way”

The educational philosophy of “One’s way” and the specific educational guidelines of "Practical learning, International perspectives, and Open mindedness" have been established for each department and faculty.

University Emblem and Hymn

A university emblem and hymn that represent our School Philosophy

The university's emblem and school song represent the School Philosophy embodied by the Educational Guidelines of "Practical learning," "International perspectives," and "Open mindedness," thereby actively promoting them to society.

History of Teikyo University

Establishing ourselves as one of the leading universities in Japan

It all started with the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Liberal Arts. We have since grown into a comprehensive university.

Education and Research Objectives

A curriculum that enables students to self-improve

While continuing to grow as a comprehensive university, we are creating an environment where each individual can self-improve.

Basic Information

Basic information about the university

Learn about the basic organizational structure of the university and relevant data.

Mid/Long-Term Plans

The vision of our teaching staff

We have developed an action plan that we would like to achieve within five to ten years in order realize our School Philosophy, our Educational Philosophy and our Educational Guidelines.

Teikyo University Initiatives

Creating a comfortable environment

At Teikyo University, we always maintain our environment based on the latest guidelines, such as those related to harassment and crisis management.