Endowed Chairs
Endowed Chairs

We set up and operate Endowed Chairs that make effective use of donations from private institutions.

Endowed Chairs make effective use of donations received from the private sector, etc. to promote and enhance education and research at the university. In doing so, the goal is to go about ensuring speedy responses to the requirements of society and changes in conditions when it comes to the realm of academics, and at the same time contribute to the diversification of education and research frameworks.

Clinical Research Medicine Course

Evidence-based medical care is important for providing better medical care. However, in actual clinical practice, there is not always a lot of evidence that guarantees quality. In addition, scandals have recently continued due to lack of knowledge about clinical research.
In February 2012, we established the Teikyo Academic Research Center (TARC) with the aim of supporting clinical research from the early stages, and started activities related to clinical research support.
This course is set up as a course of the School of Medicine that fully supports TARC for the purpose of supporting clinical research from an academic point of view and returning the results to society. As a result, TARC can receive supports from many industries.

Course representative Tamio Teramoto additional post Professor
Installation period April 1, 2018-March 31, 2023
Donor Regional Medical Research Fund
Main course contents
  1. Data mining from electronic medical records for the purpose of confirming clinical hypotheses, etc.
  2. Systematization of practical efforts currently being carried out at TARC regarding the work content required for a series of clinical studies
  3. Research on the ideal way of clinical research to improve the efficiency and quality of clinical research
  4. Education on how to proceed with clinical research based on GCP to acquire clinical research ethics and promote clinical research

AMR Fungal Disease Management Research Course in a Rehabilitation Environment

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As the aging of the population progresses, the number of people receiving nursing care and long-term care is increasing year by year. Rehabilitators are vulnerable to health hazards from environmental fungi and indigenous fungi .Therefore, appropriate fungal disease management is required. Similarly, appropriate management is required for care providers who are always in contact with the care recipient. We hope that the research in this endowed course will advance the analysis of the current state of fungal-related health disorders and contribute to the establishment of an appropriate fungal disease management methodology.

Course representative Koichi Makimura additional post Professor
Research member Muhammad Mahdi Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Specially Appointed Researcher
Installation period April 1, 2019-March 31, 2024
Donor Social welfare corporation Hirakata nursery school
Main course contents
  • The fungal disease in the medical staff and the nursery teacher in the nursery facility is analyzed from the relationship between the environment, the host, and the parasite.
  • We will conduct research that enables a series of management (evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, treatment) necessary in this environment.

Theranostics course

In cancer treatment, especially in brain tumors, the development of minimally invasive medical technology is required. In the sera nostics course, we are conducting basic research on diagnosis and treatment (ceranostics) by combining ultrasonic responsive bubble preparations and ultrasonic waves. We are aiming to build a new transcranial treatment system that examines the vascular structure of the target tissue and delivers the drug simply by irradiating the skull with ultrasonic waves. Part of the research is being carried out in collaboration with Faculty of Pharma-Science, Drug Delivery Laboratory (Professor Ryo Suzuki, Assistant Professor Daiki Omata) and Teikyo Cancer Center (Head of Center, Nobuhiko Seki).

Course representative Kazuo Maruyama Specially Appointed Professor
Research member Sanae Oda Specially Appointed Researcher
Installation period April 1, 2019-March 31, 2023
Donor Welcia Yakkyoku Co., Ltd.
Main course contents
  • Transplant human cancer cells removed by surgery to create PDX model mice and organoid model mice assuming brain metastasis
  • Construction of seranostics using transcranial ultrasound equipment
  • Part of the research is joint research with the Drug Delivery Laboratory, Faculty of Pharma-Science (Professor Ryo Suzuki, Assistant Professor Daiki Omata) and Teikyo Cancer Center (Head of Center, Nobuhiko Seki).
  • Introduction and education of new medical technology through "Dream Drug Delivery Studies (DDS)" (1st year, 3 undergraduate elective courses)

Pharmacist Lifelong Education Course

In order to provide a full range of medical care to patients, it is important to have "pharmaceutical cooperation" in which pharmacists at hospitals and pharmacies share information. If the cooperation between the two is good, not only the safety management of the drug taken by the patient but also the pathological condition management will be effectively performed, which will lead to the improvement of QOL. However, although its importance is emphasized, it is not fully functioning at present.
In this course, we will start activities for the purpose of conducting lifelong education, training and research with practical work for the purpose of cooperation between Teikyo University Hospital and regional pharmacies.

Course representative Nobuhiro Yasuno Specially Appointed Professor
Installation period April 1, 2019-March 31, 2024
Donor Ein Holdings Inc.
Main course contents
  1. Establishing an advanced pharmacy management system for pharmacists in hospitals and pharmacies to strengthen cooperation and improve quality
    By sharing information with pharmacists, we will deepen cooperation and play an important role in the care of patients including after hospitalization and discharge.
  2. Training of pharmacists who can meet diversified medical and social needs by holding workshops and practical training on a regular basis
    Prescription analysis for each disease and on-the-job training at hospitals utilizing multidisciplinary collaboration at university hospitals to acquire communication skills, including safe use of medicines
  3. Research on promoting proper use of medicines for seamless medicine cooperation
    Exploring various problems related to drug-drug collaboration and promoting education and research in collaboration between hospitals and pharmacists

Silkworm pharmacy course

Silkworm is an industrial insect whose lineage and breeding method have been established in the long history of sericulture in Japan. In addition to silk production, silkworm has been used as a recombinant protein production plant. This course proposes silkworm as an alternative to experimental animals such as mice in drug development, and has been independently developed by the Medical and Fungal Research Center of our university. The purpose is to further expand this field and establish it as a new academic field. Silkworm is effective not only for pharmaceutical products but also for evaluation of food seeds, and it is possible to search for foodstuffs such as lactic acid bacteria that promote innate immunity. In this course, we aim to develop not only pharmaceutical products but also food seeds.

Course representative Specially Appointed Professor Seki Mizuhisa
Installation period April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023
Donor Genome Drug Discovery Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Main course contents
  1. Research on the search for therapeutic agents for infectious diseases using the silkworm infection model
    Using the silkworm infection model, we will carry out exploratory studies from natural products such as culture supernatants of soil bacteria, further purify candidate compounds showing therapeutic efficacy, determine the structure, and confirm their efficacy in mice.
  2. Study on the mechanism of individual death of silkworm based on excessive activation of innate immunity
    To understand the mechanism of the cytokine storm of silkworm at the molecular level, and to search for, purify, and determine the structure of therapeutic substances.
  3. Exploratory research on food seeds using silkworm
    Use silkworm to conduct exploratory research on food seeds that promote innate immunity