Community Partnerships at the Utsunomiya Campus
Community Partnerships at the Utsunomiya Campus

Starting from Utsunomiya, we are making social contributions to the surrounding area.

From children to adults, we hold events that you can experience while enjoying learning and open lectures to help local residents learn for life, and we are doing activities to enrich not only Utsunomiya City but also the surrounding area. In cooperation with local governments and various organizations, students, faculty and staff, and local people are working together as one.

As part of our contribution to the local community, we rent out our university facilities.

As part of our contribution to the local community, Utsunomiya Campus lends out our on-campus sports facilities, including tennis courts, baseball fields, judo halls, gymnasiums, and multipurpose grounds, primarily to club groups from elementary, middle, and high schools. Please note that priority is given to university events and student use.
In addition, there are many cherry blossom trees along the roads surrounding Utsunomiya Campus buildings, and in the spring, the areas on campus where the trees are planted are opened to the public so that local residents can enjoy the sight of the blossoms in full bloom. The cherry blossoms on Utsunomiya Campus provide opportunities for interaction with local residents.

Teikyo University Spring Campus Opening Place

  • Passage from the main gate to the bus rotary
  • Passage from the north gate to the bus rotary (east side of the ground)
  • Headquarters building square
  • Passage to the bicycle parking lot on the south side of Headquarters Building No. 1
  • Rest space on the east side of the cafeteria building

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A university that supports the lifelong learning of citizens

With the aim of continuing to study for a lifetime, Utsunomiya City plays a central role in conducting activities at a civic university that holds open lectures for local residents. The Utsunomiya Campus also participates as a place to support lifelong learning and pursue things of interest.

What is "Utsunomiya Citizen's University"?


An initiative that has been implemented by Utsunomiya City since 1993 has promoted university collaboration and regional education.
As part of this, the Utsunomiya Campus also offers open lectures for those who live, commute, or go to school in Utsunomiya City. The lecture is led by a Professor of the Department of Regional Economics Faculty of Economics of Economics, and the content is such that you can enjoy learning the theme of "economy" from young people to the elderly, regardless of age.

Utsunomiya Citizen's University

The school festival is also a place for high school exchange

Utsunomiya Campus holds a school festival (Teikyo) every November. As one of the mock shops that open there, we sell oysters and agricultural products handmade by students attending local high schools.

What is "High School / University Exchange Plaza"?

This initiative started in 2003 with the support of the Agricultural Subcommittee of the Tochigi Prefectural High School Education Study Group, and in 2012 we opened our 10th store.
Through a network of agricultural subcommittees, multiple high schools participate every year to sell flowers such as cyclamen and pansies, agricultural products such as Chinese cabbage and rice, and processed products such as jam and miso.
What is sold depends on the year of the event and the participating schools, but these handmade products are so popular that they are sold out one after another.

Promoting the development of industrial agglomeration in Utsunomiya City

We are participating in the "Next Generation Mobility Industry Accumulation Promotion Council" organized by Utsunomiya City to embody the next generation mobility industry agglomeration strategy. In addition to our university, many local companies and universities collaborate to identify needs and issues, and consider and implement various types of support and projects based on strategies.

What is "Next Generation Mobility Industry Accumulation Promotion Council"?

Next-generation mobility industry agglomeration promotion meeting

The industry that creates technologies for improving the mobility of people and things, such as aerospace, automobiles, robots, and information and communication, which are concentrated around Utsunomiya City, is collectively called the next-generation mobility industry. The "Next Generation Mobility Industry Accumulation Promotion Council" was organized to embody the strategy in this industry.
In network strategy, coordinator provides technical consultation and matching support in industry-academia collaboration. In the innovation strategy, we hold a study group for the purpose of raising the level of basic technology of companies. In the information dissemination strategy, we are trying to arouse interest in children and students who will be responsible for the next generation of manufacturing, such as "Summer vacation children's science experience bus tour" and "Corporate experience tour".
In addition, with the aim of further promoting the manufacturing industry in Utsunomiya City, we are actively working on future human resource development, such as holding the "WRO Japan Utsunomiya Tournament", an autonomous robot tournament.

Specific initiatives at Teikyo University

  • Next Generation Mobility Ultrasonic Vibration Study Group

Next-generation mobility industry agglomeration promotion meeting

Participating in Tochigi, a university consortium that contributes to the creation of attractive Tochigi Prefecture

Universities in Tochigi Prefecture are working on collaboration with local communities and industry in various fields, not to mention education and research. We participate in the "University Consortium Tochigi" and contribute to the creation of an attractive new Tochigi prefecture.

What is "University Consortium Tochigi"?

University Consortium Tochigi

"University Consortium Tochigi" was established to strengthen mutual cooperation and exchange between higher education institutions, enhance and develop education and research at each university, and contribute to the revitalization of a wide range of local communities and industry. rice field.
In a social situation where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, higher education institutions play a major role, and universities with their own characteristics will work together to fulfill a comprehensive educational function. We believe that the intellectual resources of the university can be used to cultivate new regional power by coordinating with the diverse powers of the local community and industry.

University Consortium Tochigi "> University Consortium Tochigi

Major initiatives involved in the Utsunomiya Campus

  • Student & Corporate Research Presentation
  • Business Committee
  • Regional exchange / university public relations
  • Satellite office (industry-academia collaboration window)
  • Collaborative course (credit transfer system in the Faculty of Faculty of Science and Engineering and Engineering)

Focusing on the development and technological development of aerospace technology

At our university, we participate in the Tochigi Aerospace Association (TASC), interact with general companies, government agencies, and other academic institutions to exchange information, and in Tochigi Prefecture, where many aerospace-related industries are gathered. We are focusing on technological development and promotion of technological development.

What is "Tochigi Aerospace Social gathering (TASC)"?


Tochigi Prefecture has a concentration of industries such as aerospace-related materials, parts processing, electronic equipment, aircraft aircraft, and test equipment. As one of Japan's leading aerospace industry agglomeration prefectures, the Tochigi Aerospace Council was established in 1997 to further develop various aerospace-related activities, exchange industry, academia and government, and spread to local industries. , Known as TASC (Tochigi Aerospace Conference).
Since its establishment, about 90 organizations based in Tochigi Prefecture have been involved in activities and are implementing various projects and events. In addition, our university, which has the Department of Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Faculty of Science and Engineering and Engineering, is also participating in the initiative under the guidance of Professor Hirotoshi Kubota, who is also the chairman of TASC. While taking up the small artificial satellite "Teikyo Sat", teachers give lectures to introduce and enlighten the technology to companies, and events are held in which the citizens of the prefecture also participate.

TASC Tochigi Aerospace Social gathering

Specific initiatives at Teikyo University

  • Aerospace Lecture in Tochigi 2010 – Solar System and Exoplanets –
  • Dispatch of Senior Assistant Professor to monthly workshops for technical enlightenment

We will work on the promotion and development of the automobile industry with Tochigi Prefecture as the transmission base.

In Tochigi Prefecture, the Tochigi Automobile Industry Promotion Council, a network of industry-academia-government funds, has been established to further promote the automobile industry. As a secretary member, the university also participates in the network, promotes mutual exchange, and is working on the development of various support projects.

What is "Tochigi Automobile Industry Promotion Council"?


The Tochigi Automobile Industry Promotion Council aims to create a place for exchange and information exchange related to the automobile-related industry by forming a network in collaboration with prefecture companies, universities, industrial support organizations, financial institutions, etc. Furthermore, we are working to promote the automobile industry by supporting the improvement of technological capabilities, human resource development and securing, and expansion of sales channels in small and medium-sized enterprises.
In addition, the "electric vehicle testing business" that lends electric vehicles to companies for a certain period of time to promote the spread and research and development of next-generation vehicles, and major companies to improve the profitability and competitiveness of companies in the prefecture. We are also engaged in unique activities such as the "Site Improvement Training Project" to improve the production site with the cooperation of.

Tochigi Automobile Industry Promotion Council

Specific initiatives at Teikyo University

  • Electric vehicle internal structure survey business
    Disassembled the electric vehicle "Nissan Leaf" at our university and held an "electric vehicle disassembly tour" for companies
  • Discourse centered on friction and vibration
    Held a study group to hold technical discussions on brake squeal and friction
  • Technical Lecture at Composite Material Processing Technology Research Group *
    Provided information and advice at the research group on CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) used for aircraft parts, etc.
    * Joint project with Tochigi Aerospace Industry Promotion Council
  • Company profile briefing session
    Held briefing sessions on campus such as company profile and employment information to secure human resources for companies in the prefecture

Students play a central role in revitalizing the region

The "Rape field revival project" planned by Kosei Yamada (at that time) of the Senior Assistant Professor of Department of Regional Economics, Faculty of Economics was adopted by the "Furusato Support Team", and efforts are being made to revitalize the farming and mountain villages in cooperation with the students on the Utsunomiya Campus. I did it.

What is Furusato Support Team?


This project was started in 2010 by the Agricultural Business Support Division of the Saitama Prefecture Agriculture and Forestry Department. With the declining birthrate and aging population and depopulation, we aim to revitalize the mountainous areas of Saitama Prefecture, where agriculture and forestry are declining and it is difficult to maintain local activities, with new perspectives and action powers of university students.
From our university, a project called "Rape field revival project", which is a project to revitalize agricultural and mountain villages by turning unused agricultural land into rape field, was adopted and carried out activities. .. Students in the Department of Regional Economics Faculty of Economics of Economics will deepen their understanding of regional activities by actually visiting the region and conducting fieldwork, in addition to the specialized knowledge and theory learned in the lectures. While interacting with local people and exploring problems and solutions, I am learning practically about regional revitalization.

Hometown support corps

Contribute to the revitalization of Utsunomiya through philosophical dialogue

At the Utsunomiya Campus, we hold a philosophy cafe where adults and children "think" about various things and "tell them in words", mainly talking about child-rearing and family. By providing opportunities for dialogue on things that you would not normally think about, you will be able to come into contact with ideas from various perspectives and discover new discoveries and possibilities. We are working on regular holdings with the aim of actively interacting with local residents, educating children, and creating a city that is friendly to child-rearing.

Philosophy Cafe activities


This activity is part of efforts for Community Engagement and the connection between the high school and university, and aims to ``think'' about various things using the method of philosophical dialogue, and ``convey these ideas in words'' to the other person.The purpose of this activity is to decide on a theme and hold a dialogue. We are setting aside time. Philosophical dialogue was developed as a school education program and is now a method used around the world.
Philosophy Cafes are planned and operated all over Japan, but they are not held continuously in Tochigi Prefecture. With the aim of educating children and revitalizing Utsunomiya, we are continuously holding the prefecture's first philosophy cafe.

What is Philosophy Cafe?

It is a "philosophy open debate" project for citizens that originated in Paris, France in the 1990s, and since a cafe that anyone can freely enter and exit was selected as the venue, it has come to be called the café philosophique. rice field. It had the function and character as a place where citizens could freely exchange opinions on philosophical topics without being bound by authority for citizens, but it is now the school education program "For Children" that was born in the United States. It is being developed in Japan in a gentle connection with "Philosophy for Children".

Past activities

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