Graduate Course of Midwifery
Graduate Course of Midwifery
  • Itabashi Campus
Graduate Course of Midwifery

Aiming to be a midwife 
who is active in the field that nurtures new life

In April 2014, Teikyo University (Kaga, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo) opened a Graduate Course of Midwifery course (1 year course) to develop midwife with advanced expertise and rich humanity. In the excellent learning environment with Teikyo University Hospital adjacent to the school, we develop medical personnel who play the role of autonomous professionals with experienced Senior Assistant Professor.



Featuresof the Graduate Course of Midwifery

Students aim to become medical personnel who can contribute to the people in the community, based on the pillars of Community Medicine, Team Medical Care, and Advanced Medical Care.

Educational Goals and Our Three Policies

Educational Goals and Our Three Policies

The purpose of this course is to teach advanced and broad knowledge and skills related to midwifery, to cultivate the ability to provide assistance to people exercising their sexual and reproductive health and rights, and to develop human resources with rich humanity who are aware of their social mission as midwife and can contribute to the development of community-based maternal and child health care.

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