Necessary Procedures and Available Scholarships for International Students
Necessary Procedures and Available Scholarships for International Students


At our university, we are working to enhance support so that international students can start their student life smoothly.

Resident registration / National Health Insurance enrollment

International students need various procedures such as resident registration and enrollment in National Health Insurance in order to study and live in Japan. For details, please check the Ministry of Justice's foreigner life support portal site.

Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau of Japan Foreigner Life Support Portal Site

About re-entry permit

Foreigners with a valid passport and residence card must apply for a "re-entry permit" if they want to re-enter Japan after leaving Japan for at least one year. For details, please check the website of the Immigration Bureau of Japan, Ministry of Justice.

Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau of Japan Re-entry Permit Application

Period of stay renewal procedure 

Students who are planning to expire their visa will need to renew their visa. Students whose visas have expired can renew at the Immigration Bureau from 3 months before the expiration date. The number of days required for renewal will vary depending on the congestion status of the Immigration Bureau and the documents submitted by individuals, so please check with plenty of time and complete the procedure as soon as possible. After completing your visa renewal, be sure to submit your new residence card to the person in charge at each campus.

Documents required to renew the period of stay of the "College Student" visa

  1. Application for permission to renew the period of stay 1-2-3 for preparing applicants (obtained at the Immigration Bureau)
  2. Application for permission to renew the period of stay Preparation of the institution to which you belong 1-2 (Apply to the international student counter at each campus)
  3. Copy of student ID
  4. Copy of residence card or alien registration card
  5. Passport
  6. Certificate of enrollment
  7. Transcript
  8. Fee 4,000 yen
  9. Documents certifying expenses such as overseas remittance certificate and scholarship receipt certificate
  10. Other documents requested by the Immigration Bureau to be submitted as necessary
  • * Each certificate must have been issued within 3 months before the application.
  • * All non-Japanese documents should have a Japanese translation.
  • * Please note that the documents to be submitted will be the original and will not be returned regardless of whether they are delivered or not.

Required notification to the person in charge at the campus

Our university manages the enrollment of foreign students in accordance with Article 19-17 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act. In the following cases, please contact the counter of each campus.

  • When the residence card number or period of stay has changed after the period of stay has been renewed or due to loss, etc.
  • In case you change your address
  • When returning to home country temporarily due to long holidays, etc.

Application for specific activities

After graduating from our university, students who wish to continue job hunting in Japan can renew their status of residence from "study abroad" to "specific activity" for up to 1 year ("specific activity" up to 6 months can be renewed once. ) Will be available. A letter of recommendation from the university is required for application, but it is not always issued. There are conditions for issuing a letter of recommendation. For details, please contact the person in charge at each campus.

Scholarships and Reduction Programs

Teikyo University offers a variety of scholarships and exemptions, including a reduction of approximately 300,000 to 500,000 yen for new international students in their 1st year of study and a scholarship for privately financed international students with outstanding academic achievements to support them in their second and subsequent years of study.

  • * There may be conditions depending on the grade.

Tuition, facilities, and laboratory fees will be reduced or exempted for the first year of enrollment for all students who pass the Special Entrance Examination for International Students and the Overseas Local Entrance Exams

Eligible Faculties Faculty of Economics (Department of Economics /Department of International Economy /Department of Business Administration /Department of Tourism Management)
Faculty of Law, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Language Studies, Faculty of Education (Department of Education and Culture), Teikyo University Junior College
Reduction and exemption amount [Special Entrance Examination for International Students] 30% exemption for all students
[Overseas local entrance exams] 40% exemption for all


2020 Faculty of Economics Department of Economics
First year payment for enrollees: 1,351,660 yen
→ After exemption
[Special Entrance Examination for International Students] 1,037,560 yen
[Overseas local entrance examination] 932,860 yen
Eligible Faculties Faculty of Economics(Department of Regional Economics)・ Faculty of Science and Engineering (Department of Mechanical and Precision Systems, Department of Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering Course , Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, Department of Biosciences )
Reduction and exemption amount [Special Entrance Examination for International Students] 40% exemption for all students
[Overseas local entrance exams] 50% exemption for all


Faculty of Science and Engineering in 2020
First year enrollment payment: 1,670,660 yen
→ After exemption
[Special Entrance Examination for International Students] 1,115,460 yen
[Overseas local entrance examination] 976,660 yen
  • * Graduate students are not eligible for application.

Incentives will be paid or tuition fees will be exempted for those who have achieved a certain grade or higher as specified by the university, who are in the 2nd year or above of Teikyo University or Teikyo University Junior College, or in the second year of Teikyo University Graduate School.

Benefit amount [A rank] 300,000 yen per year (about 20 people)
[B rank] 500,000 yen per year (about 80 people)
Reduction and exemption amount 200,000 yen per year

If the monthly remittance amount exceeds 100,000 yen (excluding tuition fees), or if there are dependents living in Japan and their annual income exceeds 5 million yen, you cannot apply.
  • * Details will be announced at each campus.
  • * You cannot apply if you have received a scholarship from another organization that is more than the monthly amount of the Japan Student Services Organization's privately funded foreign student study incentive fee. In addition, you cannot receive duplicate scholarships offered by the university.

Scholarships from external organizations such as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, local public organizations, and private education organizations

Application conditions differ for each institution. Please contact the department in charge of each campus for details.