Graduate School of Medical Care and Technology
Graduate School of Medical Care and Technology
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  • Hachioji Campus
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Graduate School of Medical Care and Technology

Fostering good medical educators and researchers
who will train the next generation of medical professionals

In the ever-transforming world of advanced medical care, it is important to have leaders who can train medical technicians will be effective as soon as they enter the field. At our school, we foster not only the high ethical standards and kindness necessary for medical professionals, but also advanced specialized knowledge and skills, leadership, and research abilities in order to nurture good medical educators and researchers who will guide and train the next generation of medical technicians.



About the Graduate School of Medical Care and Technology

We cultivate knowledge and skills required for medical professionals and educational researchers.

Educational Goals and Our Three Policies

Educational Goals and Our Three Policies

In line with the School Philosophy, the Graduate School of Medical Care and Technology aims to meet the demands of society by developing medical specialists who can provide highly advanced medical care, as well as human resources with a strong humane disposition who can play leading roles in education and research.

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Obtainable Qualifications

Obtainable Qualifications

At the Graduate School of Medical Care and Technology, students aim to obtain the following qualifications in a rich learning environment where they can acquire not only specialized knowledge and skills, but also the cultural education required to play an active role in society.

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Message from the Dean

In modern medicine, the demand has grown for specialization in each field. We live in an era of team-based medicine, and employment options are expanding. Society is in great need of graduates, and because the university emphasizes practical learning, there are also high expectations for them to become professionals who are ready to work. After entering our program, students are expected to work actively on acquiring their own skills in the field under the supervision of an advising professor, but later, when working on research projects, they tend to delve deeper into the topic given by the advising professor. Naturally, a relationship forms between the two that is stronger than a typical relationship between a teacher and student. Students do not need to have any particular knowledge of the subject before they enroll. Studying at a desk can be done at any time. Instead, we want students to gain as much insight as they can by listening to their seniors and to patients, and by interacting with other departments. We welcome students who are able to approach their work proactively.

 滝川 一

Teaching Staff

Division of Orthoptics

  • Chief Department Professor Takao Hayashi
  • Professor Kumiko Matsuoka
  • Professor Toshifumi Mihashi
  • Professor Chie Usui
  • Professor Yuka Ikeda
  • Associate Professor Hiroyuki Kaneko
  • Associate Professor Hiromi Hayashi
  • 准教授 渡部 維
  • Senior Assistant Professor Kyoko Oshika
  • Senior Assistant Professor Kakeru Sasaki
  • Senior Assistant Professor Masakazu Hirota
  • 講師 中込 亮太
  • 講師 加藤 可奈子

Division of Nursing

  • 専攻主任教授 梶原 祥子
  • Professor Masako Minamikawa
  • Professor Kazumasa Matsuzawa
  • Professor Kyoko Yamasaki
  • Professor Satomi Hayashi
  • Professor Miyako Ishidate
  • Professor Naoko Arai
  • Professor Nobuko Sunami
  • 教授 鈴木 久美子
  • Associate Professor Hiroko Endo
  • Associate Professor Youko Furuya
  • Associate Professor Yuko Miki
  • 准教授 石見 和世

Division of Clinical Radiology

  • Chief Department Professor Takahide Okamoto
  • Professor Takenori Kobayashi
  • Professor Hiroshi Tomizawa
  • Professor Hiroki Ohtani
  • 教授 神長 達郎
  • Professor Junichi Kotoku
  • Associate Professor Kiyoshi Hishiki
  • Associate Professor Nobuyoshi Takahashi
  • Associate Professor Masahiko Omatsu
  • Associate Professor Tatsuru Ota
  • 准教授 小島 慎也
  • Senior Assistant Professor Noriyo Yokotsuka
  • Senior Assistant Professor Tatsuya Hayashi
  • 講師 伊東 利宗

Division of Clinical Laboratory Medicine

  • Chief Department Professor Hajime Takikawa
  • Professor Kazuo Goto
  • Professor Koichi Suzuki
  • Professor Makoto Mochizuki
  • 教授 藤原 孝記
  • Adjunct Professor Koichi Makimura
  • Associate Professor Teruko Fukuda
  • Associate Professor Mitsuru Matsumura
  • Associate Professor Taeko Sakuma
  • Associate Professor Rieko Mashiyama
  • 准教授 崎原 ことえ
  • Senior Assistant Professor Masaaki Kuroda
  • 准教授 後藤 真理
  • 准教授 赤間 剛

Division of Emergency Care

  • Chief Department Professor Hiroaki Kouda
  • Professor Takayuki Kosuge
  • Professor Hiromitsu Moro
  • 教授 西森 茂樹
  • Professor Yasuhiro Otaki
  • Associate Professor Ryuichi Fujisaki
  • 准教授 高梨 利満
  • Senior Assistant Professor Mizuki Sakamoto
  • Senior Assistant Professor Tadaomi Kikugawa
  • Senior Assistant Professor Yusuke Takayama
  • Assistant Professor Yoshifuji Okizono
  • 助教 中村 鈴男

Division of Sport and Health Science

  • Major Professor Shinji Sato
  • Professor Masanori Shimizu
  • Professor Hajime Takigawa
  • Professor Eisuke Hiruma
  • Professor Masayuki Iwade
  • Professor Atsushi Fukai
  • Professor Naoki Shimazaki
  • Associate Professor Manabu Sanomura
  • Associate Professor Wataru Miyamoto
  • Associate Professor Shigeo Kawata
  • Associate Professor Sasahara
  • Associate Professor Yasuaki Saho
  • Associate Professor Yoshiko Ogawa
  • Associate Professor Yasunobu Asano
  • Senior Assistant Professor Motoi Kato
  • Senior Assistant Professor Norio Saga

Division of Judo Therapy

  • 教授 中木 敏夫
  • Professor Shoji Sakurai
  • 教授 清水 一彦
  • Professor Keita Nishimura
  • Associate Professor Masato Kitazawa
  • Associate Professor Tsuneyuki Kobayashi
  • Associate Professor Tomonori Shoji
  • Associate Professor Daisuke Taguchi
  • Senior Assistant Professor Hiroyuki Abe
  • Senior Assistant Professor Jun Kariya
  • Senior Assistant Professor Yuuki Kenmochi
  • Assistant Professor Fumihiro Azuma
  • Assistant Professor Katsuyuki Tsuboshima
  • Assistant Professor Takumi Nirengi
  • 助教 広瀬 健一
  • 助教 森田 秀一