Teaching profession center
Teaching Profession Center

A place for comprehensive support for students who aim to become teachers

This center is a comprehensive support center for students who aim to become teachers, and specializes in providing individual consultation and guidance on preparing for the teacher employment exam. It was renewed in 2011 and has more facilities and equipment. In addition, the organization of faculty members has been significantly revised, and faculty members and senior assistant professor with teaching experience are fully backing up students.


About the Teaching Profession Center

Center philosophy


Head of Center Professor : Shigetoshi Yamada

As it is said that "education is a person", it is important for teachers to acquire the ability as a highly specialized profession in order to enhance school education. In particular, in order to foster "zest for life" and respond to various life guidance issues, it is necessary to foster attractive teachers with excellent qualifications and abilities. To this end, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is taking measures to improve the qualifications and abilities of teachers through teacher training, recruitment, and training, and is requesting universities to establish an organization that supervises the teaching profession course throughout universities.

Teikyo University has already set up a teaching profession center on the Hachioji Campus in 2007 so that many students can strengthen themselves as attractive teachers in anticipation of such trends in teacher training, and are closely linked to each faculty and department. With the cooperation, we have comprehensively supported current students and graduates who aim to become teachers. Currently, the teaching profession center is set up on the 2nd floor of SORATIO SQUARE, and by setting up a teaching profession practice floor on the 4th floor of Building 9, a total of 5,000 students a year and an average of 400 students a month visit the teaching profession center and the teaching profession practice floor for the purpose of consultant, instruction, and-self learning.

At the Teaching Profession Center, we mainly provide support for two things: the “Teacher Certification Course” and the “Teacher Recruitment Examination”.
In terms of support for the teacher training course, in order to integrate the academic skills and knowledge related to the teaching profession with the on-site experience gained through teaching practice, etc. we are striving to provide information, consult, and support matters related to “teaching and creating lessons.”
In terms of support for teacher recruitment examinations, in order to pass the selection examinations, we provide guidance and advice through our own teacher recruitment examination preparation program, “Teacher Dream Support Program,” “Junior High School Serious School,” and “Pre-employment Study Group.” We also provide individual consultations and guidance to connect learning in this teacher training course with learning about the teacher recruitment examination. “What kind of study do I have to do to become a teacher?” “What do I need to do to pass the teacher recruitment examination?” For such a large number of students who have such worries, the staff at the Teaching Profession Center who have abundant experience in the field of school support and provide advice.

At the Teaching Profession Center, we do our utmost to help students realize their desire to become teachers.

Conceptual diagram



Professor Shigetoshi Yamada (Director of the Head of Center)
Professor Keiko Shinjo (Chief)
Professor Kazuaki Hashimoto
Associate Professor Noriyuki Matsunami
Associate Professor TadaTadashi Sano
Associate Professor Seiichi Shinohara

(As of April 2022)

Learning support

We provide individual consultation and support to those who aim to become teachers, including curriculum consultation in the teaching profession course. Basically, no reservation is required for consultation, and you can freely visit for consultation during the opening hours. We also have many reference materials that you can browse freely.

■ Consultation on the teaching profession (curriculum guidance)
We accept consultations on teaching profession records, educational training, and lesson planning such as teaching subjects and areas and how to write learning guidance plans.

  • * Consultation regarding the acquisition of credits for the teaching profession and teacher's license are provided by the teaching affairs group teaching profession counter.

■ Counseling and support for teacher recruitment screening examinations (career guidance)
We offer consultations on national teacher recruitment examinations, consultations on teacher recruitment examination measures, correction of application documents, and guidance and corrections on essays and interviews.
In addition, we publish newsletters as a record of the activities of the Teaching Profession Center.
Newsletter (latest issue)
Newsletter (back number)

■ Notification and consultation regarding educational volunteers (volunteer guidance)
We accept consultations regarding participation in educational volunteers.

■ Consultation and support for graduates who aim for a teaching profession
We accept consultations and support for those who aim for teaching profession even after graduation, including students taking courses.

Providing information on the teacher recruitment selection test

■ Providing information and materials regarding recruitment of teachers
We provide recruitment guidelines and materials submitted by each board of education.

■ About viewing and lending materials
Books and materials related to teaching profession can be freely browsed in the center during the opening hours.
Books and materials are not rented. However, a short-term rent for copying is acceptable in exchange for your student ID card.

■ Dream support program for teachers (teacher recruitment selection examination preparation project)
The "Dream Support Program for Teachers" is a program that prepares for teacher recruitment screening exams for students who wish to become teachers.
Many students who have passed the teacher recruitment exam participate in this program.

Target of attendance Students who want to become teachers at elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and special needs schools
Implementation content We provide guidance related to teacher recruitment screening examinations such as general education, teaching profession, specialized education, essay writing, and interviews. For those who have passed the 1st exam, we also hold the 2nd exam preparation course.

Self-directed learning

We create a self-study group, prepare for written exams and interview exams, practice mock lessons, etc., and work hard with each other within the group to learn. Academic advisors provide guidance for each group.

■ Lessons for Teachers of Junior and Senior High School (Junior and Senior High School Teacher Training Project)
"Lessons for Teachers of Junior and Senior high school" is a project that specializes in students who aim to become teachers of junior high school or senior high school, and mainly supports learning of specialized education.
We hold a plenary session every month to teach how to proceed with learning, mock exams, and essay writing. We also provide guidance and advice for self-study groups.

Target of attendance Students who want to become teachers of junior high school or high school
Our unique teacher recruitment selection test preparation program

■ Support for Tokyo Teacher Training School's students
The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education has opened the "Tokyo Teacher Training School" to train highly motivated teachers from the student stage, and our students are also participating. Throughout the year, we provide support for this school students such as educational training and special selection measures.

■ Support for those who passed the teacher recruitment screening examination
For students who passed the teacher employment selection examination they will be able to become teachers with confidence by resolving the anxieties and challenges of being assigned to a new life after becoming teachers, opening ceremonies, opening classes, preparing for classes, etc. We hold practical content study sessions so that you can start.

It is a training space to acquire practical skills that are useful in the field of school. With the renewal in November 2021, we have established a mock lesson room that realistically reproduces the size and equipment of actual elementary and junior high school classrooms, as well as a support room and multipurpose learning space where students can monitor the lesson scene. In addition, we have prepared generous support such as consultation support by resident teachers and a mock interview space for preparing for the teacher recruitment selection examination.

Location: Hachioji Campus Building 9, 4th floor
Opening hours: Weekdays 9: 00-17: 00

■ Mock lesson room
The facilities reproduce the size of the classrooms of elementary and junior high schools, and are equipped with not only desks and chairs but also lockers and cleaning tool cases used in actual schools. In addition to the electronic blackboard, we have installed equipment that allows students to use tablet terminals and smartphones as clickers to support the GIGA school concept. In addition, students can take pictures of children in a mock lesson with two cameras and monitor them in real time. They can take the recorded data home and use it for retrospective learning.

■ Multipurpose learning space "T-BASE"
The space is where resident teachers provide specific consultation and individual guidance related to the teaching profession. It is also a versatile open space with a teaching material creation area, a meeting area where students can study and talk with each other, and an individual learning area.
T stands for "TEIKYO", "Teacher", "Training", and "Team", and BASE is a place where students can always consult with teachers and talk with friends even if they feel anxiety.

Teaching practice floor 01
Teaching practice floor 02
Teaching practice floor 03
Teaching practice floor 04
Teaching practice floor 05
Teaching practice floor 06
Teaching practice floor 07
Teaching practice floor 08
Teaching practice floor 09


2022年度 終了レポート


Interview with successful teacher recruitment exams



The Center is located on the 2nd floor of Soratio Square on the Hachioji Campus. The campus is set up in a place that is easy to visit during breaks and before and after classes, as students mainly study and research in the liberal arts departments, including the Faculty of Education.

Teikyo University Teaching Profession Center
359 Otsuka, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0395
Hachioji Campus SORATIO SQUARE 2F
[Opening hours] Weekdays 9:00 to 17:00, Saturdays 9:00 to 12:30

  • * Various consultations are accepted during the opening hours. In addition, you can freely browse the materials.


Teikyo University Teaching Profession Center