Frontier Research Unit (FRU)
Frontier Research Unit (FRU)

We support various joint research

It is a research facility that supports joint research of multiple courses and laboratories. Joint research is possible not only on campus but also with off-campus organizations.


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The Frontier Research Unit (FRU) provides an efficient and suitable environment (space) for collaborative research by multiple courses and laboratories within the university, or collaborative research with organizations outside the university. With that support, we aim to contribute to the improvement and development of research and education.
There are two areas in the lab zone, wet and dry, and other shared facilities such as culture rooms and drafts are available. There is also a presentation space and meeting room, which can be used for meetings, meetings and seminars.

How to Use

To use FRU, please fill out and submit the designated form during the application period.
You can download the application form below. (* For campus only)
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Inquiries / Submissions
Teikyo University Itabashi Campus University Building Main Building 5F Frontier Research Unit Management Office
Extension: 45596 E-mail:

Equipment introduction

The total area is about 640㎡
Wet area, dry area, culture room, fume hood, ice machine, Milli-Q equipment, etc.
The management room area includes a presentation room (2 rooms) and a meeting room (1 room).

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Introduction Research

Introducing the research currently being conducted at FRU.

Evaluation of inactivation performance of various bacteria and viruses by catalytic reaction, etc.

Affiliation / Principal Investigator
Associate Professor Matsumura, Department of Clinical Laboratory Science Faculty of Medical Technology

Exploratory research on new biomarkers in human liver cancer, etc.

Affiliation / Principal Investigator
Professor Yuko Sasashima, Department of Pathology, Diagnostic Pathology, School of Medicine

Other research topics

  • Analysis of new characteristics of cholangiocellular carcinoma and its application to diagnosis and treatment
  • Clinicopathological and experimental studies aimed at treating non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

Examination of the usefulness and safety of PRP therapy in Achilles tendon rupture suture

Affiliation / Principal Investigator
Professor Hirotaka Kono, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, School of School of Medicine

Preparation and application of the Theranostics bubble formulation

Affiliation / Principal Investigator
Faculty of Faculty of Pharma-Science Serranostics Course Kazuo Maruyama Specially Appointed Professor

Identification of follicular function-regulating signaling pathway by intrafollicular Tg for elucidation of the etiology of thyroid disease

Affiliation / Principal Investigator
Professor Koichi Suzuki, Department of Clinical Laboratory Science Faculty of Medical Technology