Clinical Research Center (TARC)
Teikyo Academic Research Center (TARC)

Support the development of medical care
As a base for joint research beyond clinical departments

Teikyo Academic Research Center is an organization centered on the School of Medicine of Teikyo University. It is a base for joint research beyond research groups and clinical departments, and provides widespread support centered on clinical research at our university.

About the Clinical Research Center

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Center philosophy

With the main missions of "support for clinical research" and "education related to clinical research," we will accumulate know-how through research support. We aim to improve the quality of clinical research at Teikyo University through education and support.

Head of Center
Professor Tamio Teramoto

It goes without saying that the results of clinical research are needed in society in order to provide better medical care. However, we recognize that there is currently a lack of evidence originating in Japan, or in fact very little evidence. In order to overcome this current situation, I think university research institutions should make more effective use of their own clinical research results.
At our university, we established the Teikyo Teikyo Academic Research Center (TARC) to take advantage of resource consolidation, such as the establishment of Graduate School of Public Health and the relocation of Faculty of Pharma-Science to Itabashi Campus, to engage in clinical research across the university. did. TARC is an official organization that supports clinical research by organically collaborating with internal resources as well as external organizations. We provide a variety of support needed to carry out clinical research, including biostatistical consulting on what kind of research design should be used to test clinical hypotheses. Our university will help researchers who want to conduct clinical research and disseminate evidence that contributes to better medical care to the world.

It was established in February 2012 to bring together the university's resources and engage in clinical research across the university.
We carry out research and education related to clinical research from a global perspective in order to embody the ``Healthy Hospital,'' a circle of security and trust created by patients, medical professionals, and society, which is the basic philosophy of Teikyo University Hospital. Through the development of new pharmaceuticals, medical devices, testing methods, diagnostic methods, and treatments, we will contribute broadly to society through advances in medicine, healthcare, and health.
Specifically, from an academia's perspective, we aim to ``promote university-led clinical research'', ``dissemination of evidence to local communities'', and ``globally deploy practical EBM'', with the aim of serving as a model case in Japan. We aim to build a center that practices world-standard research and education.

Organization / system diagram

Teikyo Academic Research Center Organization Chart

Project management department
We support all tasks related to project planning and operation, such as protocol creation, research system construction, research project progress management, secretarial work, contract and fund management, and support the formulation of plans for development and regulatory affairs strategies.

Data Science Department
We provide consultation on study design, data management, statistical analysis, and monitoring. In addition, I will be in charge of support services related to the design and construction of case report forms and data management systems, management of research data, statistical analysis, monitoring, etc.

Reliability Assurance Department
We provide advice on test plans from the perspective of ensuring research reliability, and conduct system audits and test audits as necessary.

Head of Center
Tamio Teramoto (Specially Appointed Professor, Department of Clinical Research, School of Medicine)

Deputy Head of Center
Takeo Fukagawa (Chief Professor Surgery School of Medicine)

Standing Members of the Decision-Making Council
Hirotaka Kono (School of Medicine Director)
Naoko Tate (Faculty of Pharma-Science Director)
Hajime Takigawa (Faculty of Medical Technology Director)
Yoshiharu Fukuda (Graduate School of Public Health Director)
Takayoshi Okubo (Ethics Committee Chair)
Takeo Fukagawa (Director of Clinical Trials and Clinical Research Head of Center)
Ken Agatsuma (Chair, Clinical Trial Review Committee)
Koji Aoyama (Department of Pharmacology Professor)
Kazuhiro Owaki (Graduate School of Public Health Professor)
Kazuhisa Tsukamoto (Director, Graduate School of Medicine)
Hotaka Nakanishi (Teikyo Technology Transfer Center Chair)
Kiseko Uno (Clinical Research Center Professor)
Non-standing Committee Members
Satoshi Miyata (Graduate School of Public Health Professor)
Asuka Suzuki (Graduate School of Public Health Associate Professor)
Hiroko Toda (Teikyo Technology Transfer Center Senior Assistant Professor)
Yusuke Takagi (Clinical Research Center Senior Assistant Professor)
Masaaki Nishitani (Administrative Manager, Clinical Trials and Clinical Research Management Center)
Takahiro Inui (Clinical Research Center Senior Assistant Professor)
Natsumi Saka (Orthopedic Surgery Assistant Professor)
Shin Yokobori (Special Specialist, Clinical Research Center)
Ai Nishitani (Clinical Research Center Assistant Professor)
Aki Takahashi (Research Fellow, Clinical Research Center)
Ryusuke Koshida (Research Fellow, Clinical Research Center)
Kayoko Agatsuma (Research Fellow, Clinical Research Center)
Kazue Murata (Department of Clinical Research Medicine)

(As of April 2024)


This center is located on the Itabashi Campus, where research institutes such as the Faculty / Graduate School of School of Medical, the University Hospital, and related centers are gathered, and we have a strong cooperation system with related organizations for the development of Team Medical Care.

Teikyo Academic Research Center
2-11-1 Kaga, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-8605
Teikyo University Itabashi Campus University Building 5F Joint Research Room (505-4)
TEL: 03-3964-1211 (Representative) Extension: 45062

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