Nursing / Human Resources Development Center
Nursing / Human Resources Development Center

Medical care required by society in the future,
To provide nursing

At this center, we are working to develop an education system aimed at acquiring and improving the specialized abilities of nursing staff. For this reason, we are working closely with our School of Medicine hospitals and educational institutions (Faculty of Medical Technology Department of Nursing and Teikyo Senior Nursing School).


About Nursing and Human Resource Development Center

Center philosophy

The required abilities and knowledge change, but we will always support the growth of students by creating an environment and system that makes it easy for students to learn. This center aims to improve the quality of Teikyo University nursing staff based on practice, education, and research in collaboration with nursing staff from Teikyo Teikyo University Hospital, Teikyo University Faculty of Medical Technology Department of Nursing, and Teikyo Senior Nursing School of Nursing. and contribute to society.

History of establishment

Due to social changes such as the rapid evolution of medical technology and the accelerating aging of society, the scope of nursing work is expanding. Along with this, the environment in the nursing field has changed significantly, including highly specialized knowledge and skills, leadership, and research. Nursing educational institutions are required to have diversification of education and practical ability, and collaboration between practice and education is necessary. And now, as a member of "Team Medical Care", communication skills, role expansion, knowledge expansion, and evolution of nursing are required.
In May 2009, Itabashi Campus Teikyo University Hospital Hospital opened a new hospital. This has created an environment in which high-quality medical care can be provided. This center was organized in 2012 to support the building of career paths for nursing professionals and the development of human resources in such an environment.

Organization / system diagram

Organization / system diagram

This year, we focused on cancer nursing, and certified nurses planned palliative care, breast cancer nursing, lymphedema, and cancer chemotherapy nursing, and conducted lectures, exercises, and group work. An entry system has been adopted so that all courses can be taken. The participants commented, "It was good that the specific content was useful as a reference for nursing intervention."

With the pillars of "instructor training", "social skill (SST) training", and "portfolio", we aim to raise awareness as a professional and to become human resources who can provide educational guidance not only for students but also for juniors.

A working group was established to support nursing research by clinical nurses. This year, a discussion was held under the theme of "Let's talk about our own research in our own words." We have received your feedback. We are working to help advance research.

The personnel exchange working group collaborates with nurses, nursing teachers, and nursing students to hold the "TEIKYO NURSING FESTA" and strives to maintain and improve the health of local residents. In addition, we hold lectures on seasonal themes with the aim of improving skills as nurses.

Researchers / staff

Head of Center
Professor Atsuji Yamamoto (Deputy Director of Hospital)

Professor Sachiko Kajiwara (Dean, Department of Nursing Faculty of Medical Technology)
Kiyomi Hirao (Director, Teikyo Senior Nursing School)
Akiko Tsuchiya (Hospital Nursing Manager)
Masashi Waku (Hospital Office Manager)
Yutaka Tonegawa (Administrator, Itabashi Campus)

(As of August 2022)


It is located on the Itabashi Campus, just like Teikyo University Faculty of Medical Technology, Department of Department of Nursing and Teikyo Senior Nursing School, which actually support human resource development.

Teikyo University Nurse Training Center
Itabashi Campus 2-11-1 Kaga, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

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