Asian International Institute for Infectious Disease Control (ADC)
Asia International Institute of Infectious Disease Control (ADC)

Promote research and education related to infectious disease control from an international perspective

We are conducting research focusing on infectious diseases respiratory tracts such as "Acinetobacter", "Influenza" and "Tuberculosis" with the aim of building a society where both patients and medical professionals are based on peace of mind and trust, contributing to the advancement of medicine, medical care, and health from a new perspective. 


Asia International Institute of Infectious Disease Control Close UP

2021 Japan-Asia Youth Science Exchange Program "Sakura Science Program"

2021 Japan-Asia Youth Science Exchange Program "Sakura Science Exchange Program"
ADC, which focuses on international exchange and Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration, conducted the "Sakura Science Exchange Program" online from March 7th (Monday) to 9th (Wednesday), 2022, a project adopted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). A total of 13 trainees, including 9 doctors, 2 nurses, and 2 researchers, attended the training from Vietnam.
This time, lectures were given on the themes of "infectious diseases," "safety management," and "biosecurity."

Joint research with Kitasato University on "Development of therapeutic agents for influenza-induced respiratory diseases"

We are developing the onset mechanism of severe viral pneumonia and its therapeutic agents.
ADC is studying the mechanism of aggravation of pneumonia caused by influenza virus. So far, we have reported that hypothiocyanate ion produced by an enzyme called peroxidase is involved in the aggravation.
We are also promoting the development of new macrolide drugs with antiviral activity with the aim of "development of therapeutic drugs for influenza-induced respiratory diseases" in collaboration with Kitasato University and Kitasato Institute for Life Sciences.
These researches are being carried out by Professor Shoji Kawachi, Associate Professor Shoichi Suzuki, Senior Assistant Professor Ryuichi Sugamata, Assistant Professor Fuyu Ito, etc., and from 2019, Graduate School from Vietnam are energetically participating in the research.

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