Features of the Teacher Education Curriculum at Hachioji Campus
Features of the Teacher Education Curriculum at Hachioji Campus

We support both inside and outside the university

Introducing the activities of the Hachioji Campus in the teaching profession. In addition to on-campus activities, we also collaborate with people outside the university, such as interacting with the local community and with graduates who have become faculty members.

Activities of Teikyo University Center for Teacher Education

The "Teikyo University Center for Teacher Education" is an organization with independent facilities and equipment, which is established on the Hachioji Campus and has one Head of Center (also serving as an undergraduate faculty member), five full-time faculty members, and six part-time full-time faculty members. ..

Teikyo University Center for Teacher Education

1. Consultation and support activities

We are active in a wide range of activities, including consultations on teaching courses, consultations and support on teacher employment examinations, notifications and consultations on educational volunteers, and consultations and support for graduates who aim to become teachers.

2. Support program for students who want to become a teacher

As out-of-class programs of universities where credits are not accredited, there are "Dream Support Program for Teachers", "Middle and High School Serious School" for middle and high school teacher training projects, and "Pre-employment Study Group" for those who have passed the teacher employment exam. We are planning and energetically implementing it.

3. Providing information on the teacher employment exam

We provide recruitment guidelines and materials submitted by each board of education.

4. Rental of classrooms and books

We rent out books related to the mock lesson practice room and the teacher employment selection test to students who are taking the teaching profession.

Teikyo University Center for Teacher Education

WEB-based teaching profession course chart

At the Hachioji Campus, students taking the teaching profession are required to prepare and write an electronic "teaching profession course chart" for grasping the course history and "teaching profession practice exercises". Students will post a review of their enrollment status, grades, and learning status of the teaching profession course during the specified period from the dedicated website. The instructor in charge uses this system to understand the learning situation of the students and to use it for guidance.

Utilization of GPA system

Hachioji Campus has introduced a GPA system. If the GPA score for all courses, including those in the teaching profession, falls below the specified standard, the student will not be allowed to take "educational training".

Cooperation with affiliated schools and public schools

Cooperation with affiliated schools and public schools

We are promoting cooperation and cooperation with Teikyo Teikyo University Elementary School and Teikyo University Kindergarten on the Hachioji Campus, as well as nearby Teikyo University affiliated schools and public schools, so that students can directly interact with their children and learn practically at an early stage. Students go out to observe classes as part of regular lessons, and students are engaged in the work of school support volunteers in response to the requests of the school.

Community contribution activities

Community contribution activities

As a community contribution activity of Teikyo University, there is "TeikyoS Kids Club" organized by students and faculty members. This is a lesson for children, centered on the university faculty members and students, and open to the facilities and equipment of the university. We regularly hold various courses such as "Science", "Instrumental Exercise", "Swimming", "Basketball", and "Calligraphy" for children in Hachioji, Tama, and Hino City. It is a good opportunity to experience the practical teaching for students aiming to become teachers.

Implementation of replenishment program during summer holidays

Although it is not a regular class for which credits are accredited, we plan a program (intensive class) to train knowledge and skills in science experiments and practical training by utilizing the facilities and equipment of Teikyo University Elementary School during the summer holidays. We are carrying out. This program also includes classes that go out to the Tama River and practice. Students who participate and have good grades will be awarded a "Certificate of Completion" by the university.

Teikyo-kyoiku Alumni Association, Encouragement of Voluntary Seminars / Learning Circles

On the Hachioji Campus, there is the "Teikyo-kyoiku Alumni Association", which is an organization for learning and research exchanges between graduates who have become faculty members, current students, and in-service university faculty members. Twice a year, various projects are made and opportunities for interaction are held. "Independent seminar / learning circle exchange meeting" is one of them.

In addition, in Faculty of Education, under the slogans of "Bringing the Wind of Scholarship to the Faculty of Education" and "Creating a Student Culture to Learn Proactively!" We encourage students' voluntary seminars and learning circles, and we agree that faculty members will support them.