Teikyo University Sports Bureau
Teikyo University Sports Bureau

Purpose of establishing Sports Bureau

The Teikyo University Sports Bureau comprehensively oversees sports-related initiatives at the university, and increases the value of university sports by promoting sports at the university, enriching academic research and education, and promoting collaboration outside the university and contributing to society. The purpose is to contribute to the development of society through society.

Sports Bureau Mission

Sports promotion

We will produce human resources who will contribute to the development of society by building and strengthening sports governance, improving a safe and secure sports environment, supporting academic compatibility, Support for Career Development, and fostering a sports community.

Academic research / education

Including sports medicine science, we will promote research on sports and research that supports sports, provide the results widely to society, and enhance education on sports.

Off-campus collaboration / social contribution

We will actively cooperate with organizations outside the university such as university sports-related organizations, private companies, and local governments, promote marketing, and strive to contribute to society through the provision of sports resources of the university.

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Teikyo University Sports Bureau
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