Support and Assistance for Club Activities
Support and Assistance for Club Activities

We will support club activities and make them better.

The university has a number of efforts to support club activities, such as various seminars and the Teikyo University Institute of Sports Science & Medicine.

At our university, we hold seminars for representatives of cultural clubs and sports clubs to improve student morale, prevent accidents, and provide leadership.

Club Leader's Camp

Club Leader's Camp

The "Club Leader's Camp" is held once a year to train captains and captains of clubs belonging to the Alumni Association Physical Education Bureau on how leadership should be. Through communal living and social gatherings, we aim to deepen mutual understanding between clubs and related faculty and staff, prevent incidents and accidents, and develop extracurricular activities.

Club representative class

Club representative class

"Teikyo University Club Representative Course" for morale improvement, incident / accident prevention, and development of extracurricular activities for representatives of alumni association physical education bureau lovers'associations, alumni association culture bureau departments, clubs, and enthusiasts' associations. We hold a meeting once a year.

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We hold support events through exchanges with club groups designated as strengthening clubs of our university. The students will come together to liven up the event and support the members.

"Red Project 2021" Rugby Football Club / National University Championship & Ekiden (Road Relay) Club / Hakone Ekiden Support Campaign-


Every winter, we hold the "Rugby Football Club / National University Championship & Ekiden (Road Relay) Club / Hakone Ekiden Support Campaign" at the Hachioji Campus.
This is a support event where students and members of both clubs who challenge big competitions can interact.

■ 2021 Implementation details

Schedule November 29th (Monday) -December 10th (Friday), 2021
Hour From 12:10 to 13:00 each
Venue Hachioji Campus, Itabashi Campus
Key Content Fill in a support message

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Teikyo University Group Support Song-Pride of the King-

Ide Haku Lyrics / Minoru Endo Composition

Power to grow like a volcano
It's time to fill up
Cold winds on winter days
Even on a dry summer day
The trained and elite soul and pork
Defeat one million enemies
Has the power to advance to victory
Teikyo Teikyo
The pride of our champion

Overflowing power becomes a torrent
Where to stop
Anyone who blocks the way
Transformed into a flying dragon and shoot this
Excellent traditional warriors
Break through this battle
Crowned champion
Teikyo Teikyo
The pride of our king
Teikyo Teikyo
The pride of our king


Teikyo University Group Song-Wind Wings-

Hiromi Mori Lyrics / Kazuki Kuriyama Composition

Look up and the sun is now erasing the sadness of the city
I can hear laughter, so that the new power is full

A little courage at first
Get over the hurt and get stronger
This endless universe (sora) is high
Let's spread it on the wings of the wind and grab our dream

Things that don't go the way I sometimes feel
If you give up there, nothing really changes

If you believe and wish, someday
You will definitely find the answer

Let's go to this endless universe
To the future where the wings of the wind shine, our dream continues



Rugby Football Club
Rugby Football Club
Baseball club
Baseball club
Judo club
Judo club
Cheerleading Club
Cheerleading Club
Kendo Club
Kendo Club
Karatedo club
Karatedo club
Ekiden (Road Relay) Club
Ekiden (Road Relay) Club