Features and Structures of the Teacher Education Curriculum
Features and Structures of the Teacher Education Curriculum

Teacher training goals and plans to achieve those goals

The teacher training at this university is based on School Philosophy of founding, and on top of acquiring "specialized knowledge" suitable for the university, it has "specialty and skill" suitable for the teaching profession, and even if it is a new graduate, theory and practice The goal is to train teachers who have the minimum necessary teaching skills and ready-to-work skills such as class management skills. In order to achieve this, we are promoting education aimed at the fusion of theory and practice so that the practical qualifications and abilities that teachers should have are cultivated in the lessons and educational training of our university's teaching profession. In addition, human resources who are responsible as a university and have excellent practical skills in the field of education, such as establishing a "teaching profession center" as an institution where students who wish to teach can receive consultation, guidance, and assistance on a daily basis. We are aiming to train teachers.

List of campuses to which faculties and departments can obtain a teacher's license

Undergraduate Departments Campus
Faculty of Economics Department of Department of Economics of Department of Business Administration of Department of Tourism Management Hachioji
Regional Economics Utsunomiya
Faculty of Law Law Hachioji
Faculty of Liberal Arts Department of Department of Japanese Cultures of Department of History of Department of Sociology of Department of Psychology Hachioji
Faculty of Language Studies Department of Language Studies Hachioji
Faculty of Education Department of Department of Education and Culture of Department of Elementary Education Hachioji
Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Mechanical and Precision Systems, Department of Aerospace Engineering,
Department of Information and Electronic Engineering (* 1), Department of Biosciences,
Correspondence Course Department of Information Science
Faculty of Medical Technology Department of Sport and Medical Science Sports Health Course Hachioji
Department of Judo Therapy Utsunomiya
  • * 1 Renamed from "Human Information Systems Department" in April 2015

Organizational structure related to teacher training

At Teikyo University, each campus has an organizational structure related to teacher training. The Hachioji Campus is centered on the Teaching Profession Center, and the Utsunomiya Campus has a Teaching Profession Course Steering Committee to provide support such as curriculum development and individual consultation for students who wish to take the Teaching Profession Course.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure