Job Hunting Support Events
Job Hunting Support Events

Gradually develop various support events for employment development

Career education support has already begun at our university after enrollment. By developing a program tailored to each year and gaining contact with companies and civil servant organizations from the 1st year, which only students who are currently looking for a job can participate, we will develop the employment ability of students. In addition, by utilizing various assessment tools, we will discover the individuality and characteristics of each student, and by supporting the "individuality" through collaboration with the teaching profession, we will foster the independence and independence of each student.

Main support events (example)

  • * ■ is for the target year only, □ is for all grades

1st year
■ Assessment test
■ Self-understanding seminar
■ Career guidance for international students
□ Senior experience story

2nd year
■ Seminar on how to spend the second year of university
■ Resume writing course for second graders
■ Career guidance for international students
□ Let's know the connection of society

3rd year
■ Employment / Career Guidance
■ Interview with all
■ Employment and career guidance for international students
□ Career guidance for students with disabilities and students who need consideration
□ Resume / ES writing course
□ SPI countermeasure course
□ Interview / group discussion preparation course
□ OB / OG company / civil servant research course
□ Career education program for international students
□ U ・ I ・ J Turn Seminar
□ Public servant / incorporated administrative agency work seminar
■ Employment seminar for athletics students
□ Joint company information session

4th year
■ On-campus joint company information session
■ Self-understanding course for employment
■ Measures for secondary interviews with civil servants