Utsunomiya Campus Career Support
Utsunomiya Campus Career Support

We support with a detailed backup system that is integrated throughout the university.

Career Support Center (Utsunomiya Campus)

The feature of career support at Utsunomiya Campus is the employment support system that is integrated throughout the university. The Employment Committee, which is composed of faculty members from each department and the staff of the Career Support Center, plays a central role in providing employment support in collaboration with faculty members. Starting with the "1st Career Guidance" in April of the 3rd grade, we are holding "Internship ES Creation Course" and "Industry / Company / Occupation Research Course" for participation in the summer internship. Since October, we have been providing more practical employment support such as "application document preparation course", "interview preparation course", and "group discussion experience meeting". We also carry out TOEIC tests and mock tests of SPI and common sense as a preparation for written tests. We also invite personnel recruitment staff to hold "on-campus joint company seminars" and "on-campus individual company information sessions" to support students' careers with a detailed backup system from the student's point of view. ..

Features of career support

Employment support system in which teachers and staff cooperate

The Employment Committee, which is composed of the faculty members of each department and the staff of the Career Support Center, plays a central role in supporting employment.

Holding career guidance and various courses

"What should I prepare now" before job hunting starts, "What should I do now" after job hunting, etc. are taught at "Career Guidance" held four times a year. doing. We also offer various courses such as creating application documents such as resumes and entry sheets, self-analysis to summarize self-promotion, group discussions and interview preparation.

Cooperation with Hachioji Campus

We exchange information with the Hachioji Career Support Center regarding information such as human resources needs that we heard during interviews with hiring managers of companies, and provide career support while coordinating between campuses.

Utilization of individual interviews and career support rooms

The Career Support Room has books and materials related to employment, including company information sessions and internship information. In addition, we have set up an individual consultation booth to handle consultations from students regarding career paths and job hunting. Regarding individual interviews, we conduct interviews with all second-year students for the purpose of raising awareness about their future career paths.

Employment support system for international students

At this campus, where the number of international students is increasing year by year, employment support for international students is also substantial. We offer job hunting support courses for international students who wish to find employment in Japan, as well as individual guidance tailored to each individual's needs.
In addition, we have joined the International Student Support Network and have a system for providing information on Japanese companies to international students.

International Student Employment Support Network

Career design flow

■ Faculty of Economics Economics, Department of Department of Regional Economics, Faculty of Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Faculty of Medical Technology, Department of Department of Judo Therapy (planned)

  • * The implementation period is subject to change.
Target grade Implementation month Course name
all grades April civil service practice test
Financial Planner Course Guidance
English conversation/TOEIC course application
civil servant guidance
May SPI Practice Test
July Civil service examination preparation course (until March)
Sophomore September 1st Career Guidance
Employment registration card interview
December 2nd Career Guidance

3rd grade

April 1st Career Guidance & Navigation Registration Meeting
May 2nd Career Guidance
Internship preparation course (1) Self-analysis and self-PR course
Internship preparation course (2) Entry sheet creation course
June Internship Preparation Course ③Industry/Company/Job Research Course
written test guidance
Internship preparation course (4) Business etiquette course
July Written test preparation course (until February)
September 3rd Career Guidance
October Job Hunting Practical Course (1) Writing skills required for job hunting
Job Hunting Practical Lecture 2: Application Form Preparation Lecture (Self-PR/Academic Power Edition)
Job Hunting Practical Lecture ③ Application Form Preparation Lecture (Motivation)
Job Hunting Practical Course (4) Industry/Company Research Seminar
November Written test preparation course/SPI mock test
Job hunting practice course ⑤ Interview preparation course
December Job Hunting Practical Lecture (6) Group Discussion Lecture
January 4th Career Guidance
February On-campus joint company seminar
March On-campus individual company information session (all year)

(As of May 2023)