Information on Extracurricular Courses
Information on Extracurricular Courses

We provide the necessary opportunities for qualifications and support student career development development.


Hachioji Campus

English Conversation / TOEIC® Course

English conversation is a lesson by a native Senior Assistant Professor. You can also experience foreign cultures and broaden your international perspective. TOEIC® is offered by level, so you can acquire skills from basic to applied.

Bookkeeping test Course <Grade2 and Grade3>

It is a popular qualification that gives you not only accounting and accounting expertise but also knowledge that is useful for business in general, and you can step up to each grade.

MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Course <Word> <Excel> <Power Point>

You can acquire computer skills that can be utilized in all industries and occupations. Since the course is an intensive course during the summer vacation and spring vacation, you can work on it systematically.

Secretarial Skills Test Course <Grade2>

You will acquire the basic knowledge and business etiquette that you must prepare as a member of society. It is a qualification that can be used in job hunting.

Fundamental Information Technology Engineer 

It is the most popular national qualification among the information processing engineer examinations. You can acquire basic IT knowledge such as information security, networks, and databases. Some IT industries encourage their employees to pass the exam.

Information Technology Passport

It is a national qualification that can prove knowledge and skills related to information technology. You can also learn a wide range of business knowledge such as management, finance, and legal affairs.

Web design skill test <Grade3>

It is the only national qualification in the WEB industry. You can learn a wide range of WEB knowledge such as the mechanism of the Internet, network technology, and JavaScript.

Travel Service Supervisor Course <Domestic / General>

It is the only national qualification in the travel industry, and it is a qualification that you want to acquire in order to be active in the travel industry. Although it is a difficult qualification, the follow-up system for passing is in place in the extracurricular course.

Real Estate Notary Course

It is a qualification related to land and buildings that you can get at a glance if you acquire it. A residential land and building trader is a professional and is a national qualification with high social needs.

athlete food meister

In order to maximize the athlete's performance, you will learn sports nutrition to provide an optimal dietary program for each individual according to age, sport, and timing such as before a match.


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Information on extracurricular courses (qualification acquisition) (digital pamphlet)

Utsunomiya Campus

English Conversation / TOEIC® Course