Co-Reading Library
Co-Reading Library

"Co-Reading Library" is a university-wide reading promotion project

At the Media Library Center (MELIC) of our university, we started the "Co-Reading Library" project with the aim of improving academic ability and acquiring information editing ability in collaboration with the Institute of Editing Engineering (Director: Seigo Matsuoka). Did.

What is co-reading?

"Co-reading" is a form of reading that recommends, reads through, and reviews books. If ordinary reading is self-contained, "co-reading" is an evolving circular reading. By making "co-reading" a habit, it is a new reading that makes it possible to share and exchange information obtained from reading and mutually enhance its value and effect.


  • We will implement a comprehensive and continuous co-reading program.
  • By habituating independent reading behavior, we support the improvement of basic learning ability.
  • Through the university-wide development of "co-reading," we aim to improve bachelor's degree and acquire information editing techniques.


Blackboard bookshelf project

This is a project to create an attractive reading environment with a blackboard bookshelf and to implement a new communication style "MONDO program" through books.

Co-reading supporters

This is a project to manage a community that interacts with the local community and society, centered on the students who practice co-reading, "Co-reading Supporters".

Reading course project

It is a learning support program that supports the acquisition of reading ability and information editing ability and trains reading ability. From 2017, we improved the operability by developing a dedicated application, and from 2018, we partially revised the curriculum so that you can acquire "writing ability to convey".

Co-reading station project

We will build a space design for a comprehensive and continuous co-reading environment. ACT3 and AC Trium, which were completed in Solatio Square in April 2018, design a learning space based on the idea of co-reading.

MITO Project-Editing the "Future Library" with the power of students-

This is a project to draw out the "raw stones of questions" in the students' heads, polish them, and collaborate with companies and creators. The encounter between students and society creates various images of the "library of the future." In fiscal 2019, we produced reading wear "reading clothes" for entering reading mode and "color blindness picture books" for reading with the body.

Anywhere Library Project-Deliver books to campus and surrounding areas-

This is an experimental project to jump out of MELIC and deliver books to classrooms, study rooms, surrounding residential areas and commercial facilities on campus. We are developing "Okamochi", which allows you to carry books, and "Bookle," a three-wheeled bicycle with a bookshelf.

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