Student Participation Projects
Student Participation Projects

Campus Life Tutor

Introducing "Teikyo University" from the perspective of current students

Campus Life Tutors are registered student staff. It is a system that allows registered students to perform various tasks and participate at their convenience. Our work covers a wide range of activities, including campus tours for open campuses and school tours, and student life consultations. In addition, as volunteer activities, we will produce e-mail newsletters, free papers, videos, and plan illuminations on the premises. Students who are cheerful, energetic, and love our university are working with enthusiasm.

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Inquiries about Campus Life Tutor

Teikyo University Hachioji Campus Entrance Examination Group

Peer supporter

We will work together to help you with your worries and consultations regarding learning.

Peer supporters are senior students who help junior students to solve their problems by being close to their worries and anxieties about learning.
At the Media Library Center on the Hachioji Campus and the "Learning Support Desk" set up at ACT3, we will respond to learning consultations from students. We also voluntarily organize events and hold study sessions with the aim of developing desks and improving individual skills. While teachers and staff are involved in desk management in collaboration with teaching professions, we aim to build relationships where we can learn from each other through various training and team activities.

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Learning support desk

Inquiries about peer supporters and learning support desks

Teikyo University Hachioji Campus Academic Information Group


Student challenge system

The Student Challenge System is a system that supports activities by planning and planning projects that students want to challenge themselves, and providing subsidies from the university to the projects selected through on-campus selection.
We are looking for students enrolled in the Hachioji Campus to "plans that make use of the ideas unique to students that lead to social and community contributions" and "plans that contribute to the brand improvement of Teikyo University."

Please check the Hachioji Campus site for details.

Hachioji Campus Site

Inquiries regarding the student challenge system

Teikyo University Hachioji Campus General Affairs and Planning Group