Civil Service Exam
Civil Service Exam

We offer a variety of services to aid students in passing the civil service exams.

Each campus offers a variety of courses and guidance for passing the civil service exam, and provides various support for passing the exam.

Itabashi Campus

On-campus firefighter exam preparation course

One of the course's features is to give students the most recent information on exams and the appropriate study techniques for the season. Students receive the most recent information on the exams for each municipality through the course as well. Essays submitted by students can be edited by a qualified teacher. Additionally, we offer students the chance to view online videos of missed classes and follow-up services. Homeroom teachers offer regular one-on-one study consultations, review the study schedule required to pass the course, and offer guidance on how to get past challenging subjects to allay their students' concerns and anxieties. Translated with (free version)

Hachioji Campus

Civil Service Examination Preparation Subjects

The "Basic Liberal Arts for Business and Civil Servants," a 1st-year elective course, is offered in the fall of the first year with an emphasis on numerical processing, decision reasoning, and SPI non-verbal skills to cultivate the basic skills that will serve as the foundation. After completing the course, students are guided to "Civil Service Liberal Arts I & II," a 2nd-year elective course, for step-by-step learning effects, with emphasis on mathematical fields (numerical processing, decision reasoning, etc.). The next step is to direct students to "Civil Service Examination Preparation Extracurricular Courses" in order to achieve a step-by-step learning process.

Civil Service Examination Preparation Extracurricular Subjects

In order to accommodate different examination methods for different occupations and municipalities, students can take a program that matches the classification of their desired career path, and some programs can be taken on-campus. Some programs can be taken on-campus. We also offer hybrid online courses to meet the needs of our students.

Guidance on Civil Service Examination

The "Independent Administrative Institutions Job Seminar" is held in addition to the "Civil Service Job Seminar," which invites civil servants from a variety of professions to the university. Students can develop a deeper understanding of jobs and occupations from an early age by taking part in joint information sessions that are held several times a year and are open to them from the early grades. To further prepare students for group projects and interviews, seminars are frequently held.

Successful candidate testimonials for civil service examinations

Messages from 4th-year students who passed the civil service exam and from OGOBs who are currently employed as civil servants are included in a booklet that is distributed to current students. For effectively juggling classes and exam preparation, tips on study techniques and success stories are particularly useful.

Mock interviews and guidance by OB staff of the Metropolitan Police Department

An alumnus of the Metropolitan Police Department works at the university as a staff member and provides counseling and practical mock interviews for students who wish to become civil servants. Guidance on civil servants (police officers) is also provided.

Utsunomiya Campus

Civil Service Course

The Civil Service Course is offered over a nine-month period from August to April. In the foundational phase, students effectively acquire knowledge and skills in the humanities (Japanese history, world history), social sciences (general theory of the Constitution, basic human rights, local government, etc.), natural sciences (chemistry, physics), and mathematical processing (mathematical processing, decision reasoning, interpretation of materials, spatial understanding). Students will devote a lot of time to developing the practical skills they will need to answer questions honestly during the application period. Students will be given time to complete practice exams that mimic the real exam in the days leading up to the exam, which will help them develop a sense of urgency and more accurately gauge their skills.

Fukuoka Campus

Civil Service Examination Preparation Course

In collaboration with a civil service examination prep school, we provide low-cost civil service examination preparation courses, primarily for students aspiring to become firefighters or public health nurses. We employ specialized instructional materials that were created after trend analysis of previous test results and question scope reduction. Introductory and basic lectures are provided for each subject, allowing students to study according to their level, and each student can check his or her progress through exercises and tests. In addition, the school offers a variety of support services to help students pass the exam, including essay writing, essay preparation, and mock interviews by senior assistant professors.