Five-year Integrated Undergraduate and Master's Program
Five-year Integrated Undergraduate and Master's Program

It is a program that allows you to complete a master's program at university and Graduate School in 5 years.

This program is intended for students with excellent grades in the Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Law and by using this program, it is possible to obtain a master's degree in a total of five years at the university and Graduate School.

What is the 5th year undergraduate / master's program?

Students must be enrolled in the Faculty of Economics or Faculty of Law of the University. This program is aimed at students with grades above a certain level through the spring semester of 3rd year and are particularly excellent. Normally, a total of six years, four years as an undergraduate program and two years in the Graduate School master's program, are converted to undergraduate 4th year Graduate School by allowing students to take master's courses, it is possible to graduate from the undergraduate and master's programs in five years.

In the 4th year of the undergraduate course of the Faculty of Economics can take the courses of "Graduate School of Economics", and the Faculty of Law can take the courses of "Graduate School of Law Division of Law" (up to 10 credits). , students will graduate from the undergraduate school in March like a general student. Then, by enrolling in the master's program in April, acquiring the remaining credits (30 credits, reference for 2021) required for completion, and passing the examination of the master's thesis, the master's program will be completed for one year. You can complete it with.