Internship Initiatives
Internship Initiatives

We are developing a curriculum that allows you to grow through practice

There is also a program that you can participate in internships at our university from the 1st year, so you can deepen your understanding of the industry and work at an early stage through work experience. In addition to companies in Japan, one of the attractions is the development of various programs such as internships overseas, PBL (Project Based Learning) format with companies, collaboration with other universities, civil servant groups and various facilities. By experiencing it, you can reconsider what you need, so we encourage participation from the lower grades.

Internship program

Our university has a track record of over 15 years with the internship system. We are preparing a program tailored to each year, and the content is also rich in variation.
In addition, we are focusing on supporting students' employment through collaboration with the teaching profession, such as by offering classes that incorporate internship training into the curriculum.

Class subject (example)

  • Advanced Internship I / II
  • Pre-internship
  • internship

Main internship (example)

  • Corporate internship
  • Civil servant internship
  • Overseas internship (destinations: Vietnam, Australia, Singapore)