Minami Sakoda
Minami Sakoda

Minami Sakoda

Minami Sakoda
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Faculty of Medical Technology Department of Sport and Medical Science Sports Health Course
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Iwate Prefecture Teacher Recruitment Selection Examination Passed (Nanny Teacher)

Q1. What made you want to become a teacher?

When I was a high school student, I was a manager of club activities, and I learned how fun and rewarding it is to support people. I was very happy to be thankful for the first aid, taping, and consultation on the players' worries. I began to aim to become a school nurse, thinking about a job that could support people around me.

Q2. Please tell us what you worked on to become a teacher after enrollment.

I thought that each lecture would be useful for the recruitment exam, so I took my daily lectures seriously. From the 2nd grade, I participated in a study session held by a teaching profession center called "Junior High School Serious School", and from the 3rd grade, I participated in the "Dream Support Program for Teachers". I actively participated in study sessions and made efforts to acquire the necessary knowledge.

Q3. How was it using the teaching profession center?

Study sessions such as "Middle and High School Serious School" and "Dream Support Program for Teachers" are places to collect information and increase knowledge, and to keep the motivation to become a teacher high. In addition, you can make friends who aim for the same dream. It was really nice to use the teaching profession center. There are many teachers who are willing to give advice and answer their concerns, so I think that students who want to become teachers should use it.

Q4. Please tell me the measures for the teacher employment exam.

It goes without saying that we should solve the Previous test papers of the local governments we receive and know the trends, but we also tackled the Previous test papers of the whole country and touched on various problems. For problems I didn't understand, I opened a reference book and studied. I read a lot of manuals because the questions of the school nurse are often asked from various manuals.

Q5. Please tell us what you learned in the practical training.

It means that the mental and physical health of the students are linked. Even the students who came to the infirmary saying "I have a stomachache" sometimes had deep troubles when I listened carefully. Then, some students returned to the classroom energetically saying, "I'm hungry! Thank you" just by listening to the story. I feel that it is necessary to ask questions to students who come to the health room because of their physical condition, suspicious of their mental condition. I also learned that it is important to know the usual situation of the students, to speak to them if they notice any abnormalities, and to listen to them in order to notice their mental and physical disorders. I think this is what you notice about the small signs of the students.

Q6. Please tell us the image of the teacher you are aiming for.

A school nurse can help students live a healthy and smiling life. I would like to become a nursery teacher who can provide health guidance to students whose lifestyles are disturbed and those who are suffering from it, not only on the spot but also in the future. And I want my students to acquire the ability to lead a healthy life on their own.

Q7. Please give some advice to current students who are aiming to become teachers.

We recommend that first and second year students who want to become a nursery teacher first participate in the "Juku High School Serious School". I have been participating since the second grade. By participating, I was able to keep my awareness of the teacher employment exam and my motivation for daily lessons from early on. At the "Junior and Senior High School Serious School," you can start by thinking about what your ideal image of a nursery teacher is, and you can also have the opportunity to take a mock lesson or actually visit the junior high and high school infirmary. In order to survive the teacher employment exam, I think it is important to study and encourage each other with colleagues who have the same dreams. Please do your best with your friends who can improve each other while taking measures from an early stage.