Master Horigami
Master Horigami

Master Horigami

Master Horigami
Faculty Department
Faculty of Education Department of Education and Culture
Municipalities that passed
Passed the Tokyo Teacher Recruitment Selection Examination (common to middle and high schools, English)
Kagawa Prefecture Teacher Recruitment Selection Exam Passed (Junior High School / English)

Q1. What made you want to become a teacher?

It was because of my longing for my teacher in high school. Until I became a high school student, I had no clear goals and I didn't devote myself to anything, but I met my new teacher at that time, and while listening to the students' voices, I enjoyed teaching. My values have changed dramatically to humbly trying to learn together. I also became a teacher because of my longing for a teacher who wanted to be like this person.

Q2. Please tell us what you worked on to become a teacher after enrollment.

I worked hard on my daily lectures. My initial motivation was to become a teacher, but gradually I realized that it was fun to learn and explore something, and I began to enjoy my daily student life purely. As I made new discoveries through my student life and the world I saw changed, I wanted my students to experience this kind of experience. This feeling led to my "ideal image of a teacher" and I naturally began to devote myself to my studies.

Q3. How was it using the teaching profession center?

I was taken care of by the essay of the primary exam, the interview of the secondary exam (including English), the group discussion, and the preparation of the mock lesson. I myself am an active university student, so I do not have sufficient knowledge about the educational field. However, under the guidance of the teachers of the teaching profession center who had been in the field of education for many years, gradually the things I learned at the university and the image of the field of education began to match, and naturally I took the exam. You can now see what you are looking for.

Q4. Please tell me the measures for the teacher employment exam.

I always kept in mind to study backwards from my goals. In the 3rd year, I studied hard for qualifications and teacher recruitment mock exams. In the 4th year, I narrowed down the desired local governments, analyzed Previous test papers, focused on the fields that frequently appear, and focused on the fields that I was not good at, which I learned from the results of the mock exams in the 3rd year. By studying together with my friends through video calls, I made it a habit to study everyday by listening to what I didn't understand and raising awareness.

Q5. Please tell us what you learned in the practical training.

I was in charge of the first year of high school, but due to the influence of Korona-ka, I experienced educational training in a very special environment where my first day as an apprentice was also the first day of school for the students in charge. Therefore, it can be said that I was involved in creating the first class for both my academic advisor and students. At first, I couldn't get the voice of the students out, but as I communicated little by little through the morning homeroom, cleaning time, and lessons, the attitude of the students changed. As the way we interacted with individual students changed, so did the way we interacted with the entire class. It was a practice that reminded me that a teacher is a job that is established on the premise of a person-to-person relationship.

Q6. Please tell us the image of the teacher you are aiming for.

There are two axes. One is "a teacher who is always a good understanding of students and can grow with them." I want students to think of the school as a place to stay and grow in that place with peace of mind. To that end, I think it is important for teachers to value their relationships with students and not forget their attitude of growing together. The other is "a teacher who can expand the world view of students through subjects". When it comes to teaching subjects, I want to be a teacher who values his expertise as a teacher and can lead the learning of students.

Q7. Please give some advice to current students who are aiming to become teachers.

Please cherish your daily student life. Universities have teachers and peers with the same goals who provide them with new knowledge and perspectives. If you seek and act on your own, you will find something. When studying for an exam, you should always imagine the students you will be in charge of in the future and study while thinking about what you need now. Have a wide field of view, do not forget the origin, and do your best toward your own goals.