Daisuke Sudo
Daisuke Sudo

I want to learn with my children and build better classes and school life.

Q1. What made you want to become a teacher?

When I was in junior high school, I met my teacher and had a longing for it, so I decided to become a teacher. After that, through university classes, I was worried about my job as a teacher, and sometimes I was about to lose confidence. I was wondering if I could get a teaching profession until the last minute, but I really wanted to become a teacher through practical training. By actually interacting with the children, I was able to realize the charm of the teachers. Looking closely at the growth of the children, I felt that the teaching profession was worthwhile and decided to become a teacher.

Q2. Please tell us what you worked on to become a teacher after enrollment.

I worked hard on my daily lectures and educational volunteers at the university. When I was taking a lecture at the university, I didn't really feel it because I had no experience of actually teaching in the field. However, by actually volunteering at the elementary school and conducting educational training, the lectures at the university were absorbed as knowledge. In addition, I was conscious of actively taking lectures related to education and learning the knowledge necessary to become a teacher.

Q3. How was it using the teaching profession center?

At the Teaching Profession Center, I have been indebted to me since I started studying for the teacher employment exam. He kindly provided us with information and measures regarding the teacher employment exam, and gave us careful guidance. Especially in the local government where I took the exam, I was worried because the points for interviews and group discussions were high. The teachers at the teaching profession center gave me a warm voice, and I was able to attend the interview with confidence during the exam. I thought that if you want to take the teacher employment exam, you should definitely use the teaching profession center.

Q4. Please tell me the measures for the teacher employment exam.

I studied the preparations for the primary exam with a perspective. In particular, I was not good at short-term concentration, so I started taking measures a little earlier than the students around me. By incorporating learning into my life every day, I was able to make it a habit. In addition, I analyzed the Previous test papers of the local governments taking the exam in my own way, grasped the frequency and tendency of questions, and shared them with my friends. We were able to improve each other's academic ability by having problems and teaching each other with friends.

Q5. Please tell us what you learned in the practical training.

I was in charge of the third grade of elementary school. I had several lessons, but I learned that it is difficult to think and implement the lessons. I often didn't do what I wanted, so sometimes I lost confidence. However, I was conscious of actively communicating only with the children. The children realized that their motivation for the lesson changed in response to the teacher's enthusiasm.

Q6. Please tell us the image of the teacher you are aiming for.

I want to be a faculty member who is always ambitious. I would like to continue learning with my children and build better lessons and school life for them. I want to establish a relationship of trust with my children and make the class fun and bright with smiles every day.

Q7. Please give some advice to current students who are aiming to become teachers.

Please take the teacher employment exam with your highly motivated colleagues. I think I was able to pass because I was able to learn with my friends and teachers who fought with me. I enjoyed overcoming the exams that I found difficult by studying with my friends. Don't hold it alone, rely on your friends, support each other, and do your best at your own pace. If you can make your own efforts, you will surely get good results.