Junko Shiina
Junko Shiina

I want to build a relationship of trust with children and actively recognize the goodness of children.

Q1. What made you want to become a teacher?

When I was in junior high school, I met my teacher and started thinking "I want to be like a teacher", and I was fascinated by my job as a teacher. There was a time when I was wondering whether I was an elementary school teacher or a junior high school teacher, but after experiencing elementary school teaching training, I decided to become an elementary school teacher. In the practical training, under the enthusiastic guidance of the teachers, it is impressive that all the classes are lively, and I want to make the job of a teacher who raises children who are interested in various things and take on challenges for a lifetime. I came to think so.

Q2. Please tell us what you worked on to become a teacher after enrollment.

I worked hard on my daily classes at the university. I acquired the knowledge to become a teacher through lectures and mock classes, and cultivated qualifications and abilities. We also created opportunities to go to elementary schools, such as training for the Chiba! Teaching Egg Project in Chiba Prefecture and learning support staff at elementary schools in Tokyo. I was able to see the teachers' class management up close and try to understand the children through learning and events. I think it was a great harvest to be able to continue to imagine myself as a teacher.

Q3. How was it using the teaching profession center?

I am grateful for your careful guidance in essays, individual interviews, and group behavior and physical fitness exercises, which are unique exam subjects in Chiba Prefecture. The teachers supported me not only in preparing for the exam but also in terms of spirit. After the primary test was over, there were many things I had to do before the secondary test, but I was almost crushed because the "switch to do my best" did not turn on. I think I wouldn't have been able to overcome it if I hadn't pushed the "switch to do my best" to the teachers.

Q4. Please tell me the measures for the teacher employment exam.

From around October of my third year, I was taught an essay at the Teaching Profession Center. By writing an essay, I became able to know the current educational issues and to have a concrete image of what I can do when I become a teacher. In addition, we prepared for group interviews, discussions, and mock lessons with friends who are taking the teacher employment exam in Chiba Prefecture. We repeatedly practiced Previous test papers and social topics (2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics education, morals and English subjects) as problems that we could ask ourselves.

Q5. Please tell us what you learned in the practical training.

In the practical training, I especially learned about "having my own pillar". In learning, we clearly decided on the pillars of the lesson, saying, "Make sure children learn this at this time." Classes will not be possible unless the teachers themselves have a clear idea of what they want their children to learn. Then, I researched the teaching materials by considering how to write the board according to the actual situation of the child so that it would be easy to understand, and how to explain it so that it could be understood. "Having your own pillar" is also indispensable when giving guidance. I also learned that fair and impartial guidance can be achieved by properly setting the criteria for "what is wrong".

Q6. Please tell us the image of the teacher you are aiming for.

I am aiming to be a teacher who can make all the children in the class realize their whereabouts as "I am needed" and "I am looking at myself". To that end, we will create a place where children can play an active role, such as learning, playing, and engaging in activities. In addition, it is important for me to build a relationship of trust with the child and actively recognize the goodness of the child.

Q7. Please give some advice to current students who are aiming to become teachers.

I think the most important thing about preparing for the teacher employment exam is to ask if you have any questions while studying, and to consult if you have any concerns. I was able to get hints for essays and interviews from the on-site experience of the teachers at the teaching profession center. In addition, "study amount" is also important for the exam. I think that I can give my confidence and full power as much as I did on the day. Be prepared to calm down and take the exam, and get a pass.