Koshiro Shimizu
Koshiro Shimizu

"Teachers are the first lessons" We aim to be teachers who can develop lessons from various perspectives.

Q1. What made you want to become a teacher?

Due to the influence of my teacher in high school, I vaguely felt that I wanted to become a teacher, and it became an opportunity to join the Faculty of Education. After entering university, there were times when I was worried about my career path, but the experience of volunteering at a school for learning support, which I started in my 3rd year at university, made me feel that I wanted to get a teaching profession.

Q2. Please tell us what you worked on to become a teacher after enrollment.

I am confident that I have taken good care of my daily lessons for four years. This wasn't because I was a teacher, but because I regretted my efforts up to high school and wasn't confident. After that, I made it a habit for four years to listen to daily lessons with regret, review after lessons, and ask the teacher after lessons if I don't understand. When I think about it now, I think this custom was great for becoming a teacher.

Q3. How was it using the teaching profession center?

Especially during the period before the second exam, I was indebted to you. I was carefully instructed in the practice of individual interviews and group interviews. The real and on-site guidance unique to the teachers of the teaching profession center, who had many years of experience in the field, led to an opportunity to deepen their insight into their own teaching profession in individual interview practice. In addition, I was able to learn clues to develop constructive discussions in group interview practice.

Q4. Please tell me the measures for the teacher employment exam.

No special measures are taken for the primary examination. In the case of middle and high school, specialization in the written examination is important, so study anyway. I will get this. Regarding the secondary exam, it is important to take measures, but I think it is more important to have your own opinion on educational issues on a daily basis. I also had a long discussion with my friends about the contents of university classes. I think that such daily life led to the fact that I was able to speak with confidence even in the examination scene.

Q5. Please tell us what you learned in the practical training.

I learned the difficulty and importance of picking up the reaction of the students. Especially when I gave a lesson, when I asked a question, the reaction of the students was different, and sometimes I got the answer or reaction that I expected, and sometimes I got a reaction that I did not expect at all. At first, I was so conscious of advancing the lesson that I might have picked up only the voices of the students who responded to what I was looking for. Over time, my lessons are held only with students who can give good answers and accurate reactions, and even if I raise my hand in the lesson, I see an atmosphere among the students that "it must not be wrong". Was done. From this experience, I have come to feel that I have to try to pick up the various reactions of the students as much as possible and be aware of it as a teacher.

Q6. Please tell us the image of the teacher you are aiming for.

Keeping in mind the words from the seminar teacher, "Teachers are the first class," we aim to be a teacher who is highly specialized and can develop classes from various perspectives. Also, in student guidance, I would like to place more importance on the process of individual growth in situations where students are in a deadlock or conflict, and to enhance their self-affirmation.

Q7. Please give some advice to current students who are aiming to become teachers.

Looking back on my college life, I didn't feel that I was successful, but rather I just suffered from my awkwardness. However, because of those days, I was able to face my weaknesses and change the consciousness that "I am still lacking in study" as a driving force. I think you all have various conflicts, but I would like you to start by accumulating a lot of "bitter experiences" that make you keenly aware of your weaknesses and not being ashamed of what you are lacking. I think that experience will be a big step for you. Please do your best.