Graduate School of Medicine
GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Graduate School of Medicine

Number of students to be admitted

Graduate course Program / Course Admission Capacity
Graduate School of Medicine Division of Medicine 70 students
  • * Applicants should enter the major subject, academic advisor or professor member from the list of major subjects in the designated fields on the application form.
  • There are two types of admission categories: "general quota" and "worker quota". Please check which one you apply to and fill in the designated fields on the application form.
  • General quota: You cannot have a status as a full-time employee (other facility).
  • * However, part-time jobs are permitted.
  • Working people: Those who work at the Faculty of School of Medicine of our university (teachers of the Faculty of School of Medicine, internship doctors, etc.) and have the status even after enrollment.
  • * However, only those who apply to the fields of structural and functional medicine, basic pathophysiology, and social health medicine are allowed to apply from the initial trainees of this university.
  • * If you are not hired as a staff member of the Faculty of School of Medicine in our university, it will be a general quota. Please contact the administrative office for details.

[Public Health Research Doctor Training Course]
Please contact the administrative office if you are eligible for the Public Health Research Doctor Training Course under the integrated program of the Graduate School of Medicine.

Test schedule


Type Application Period Test day Results Announcement
Deadline for Admission procedure
秋入学 2023年
8月26日(土) 9月15日(金) 9月21日(木)
1st 2023年
11月18日(土) 12月1日(金) 12月7日(木)
2nd 2024年
2月24日(土) 2月29日(木) 3月6日(水)
  • * If you do not complete the admission procedure (transfer procedure) within the specified period, we consider that you have no intention of admission and revoke your admission.


Those who are applicable to any of the following items, or those who are expected to be applicable to any of the following items by the end of March 2023

  • (1) Those who have graduated from a course that requires a 6-year period of study at a university
  • (2) Those who have completed 18 years of school education in a foreign country
  • (3) Those who have completed the 18-year course in the foreign school education by taking the lessons in the correspondence course conducted by the foreign school in Japan.
  • (4) Persons designated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
    1. Those who have taken medicine and dentistry in the medical or dentistry department of the university under the old university decree and graduated from these departments.
    2. Those who have graduated from National Defense Medical College under the Ministry of Defense Establishment Law
    3. Those who have completed the master's program or the professional graduate school under Article 99, the paragraph 2 of the School Education Law, those who can receive a master's degree, and the doctoral program that does not have a division between the first and second semesters, those who have been enrolled in the above school for two years or more, have acquired 30 credits or more, and have received the necessary research guidance (Ministry Ordinance to partially revise the degree regulations (Ministry of Education Ordinance No. 29, 1974)) Pre-revision degree regulations (Showa 28) Year of the Ministry of Education Ordinance No. 9) Including those who are appluicable to Article 6 No. 1) in the Graduate School or major course, clinical course among the courses of university medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, those whose main purpose is to cultivate practical abilities related to the above, or those who are recognized as having academic ability equal to or higher than those who have graduated from a veterinary course.
    4. Graduated from university (excluding courses in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, whose main purpose is to cultivate practical clinical abilities, and veterinary medicine) Or, after completing a 16-year course in school education in a foreign country, person who have been engaged in research at university, research institute, etc. for 2 years or more, and have taken university medicine at a graduate school or major, depending on the results of the research. Those who admitted courses to take dentistry, courses to take pharmacy whose main purpose is to cultivate practical abilities related to clinical practice, or those who have graduated from a course to take veterinary medicine.
  • (5) Those who have reached the age of 24 and who have been recognized as having academic ability equal to or higher than those who have graduated from university by individual entrance qualification examination according to the provisions of this graduate school.

[Application requirements]
Those who apply for the field of organ system pathophysiology, comprehensive pathophysiology, and oncologist training course are those who have a doctor's license.

Information for individual admission qualification examination

If you wish to request an individual review of your application qualifications, please visit the following page.

Information for individual admission qualification examination

Application documents

Graduate School of Medicine (Doctoral Program)

Click here to download the prescribed form

Entrance examination fee

35,000 yen

How to pay the entrance examination fee

Please pay from the entrance examination fee settlement guidance
Guidance URL
Prior application is required before payment. Please access the "Admissions Examination Fee Payment Guidance" site and enter the required information for payment. In addition, it is necessary to enter the "reference number" when entering. For the "reference number", enter 8-digit number for example 【12345678】.
After entering the information, select the payment method and pay at the payment institution of your choice (in addition to the entrance examination fee, a payment fee of 1,100 yen is charged for each case). We will send you a payment confirmation email as soon as we confirm the payment of the entrance examination fee. Please access the "Admission Examination Fee Settlement Guidance" site from the URL in the payment confirmation email, print out the "Certificate of Receipt" and paste it in the designated field on the slip (If you do not receive the email, access it from the URL).
[Application period] From one week before the application start date to 16:30 on the application deadline

How to apply

By mail (must arrive by the deadline date)
Please send the complete set of application documents in an envelope marked as "Graduate School Application Documents inside the envelope (大学院出願書類在中)" by registered mail from the post office.
Please keep the "Registered Mail Receipt (書留郵便物受領証)" issued by the post office.
Applications must arrive before the deadline date. The postmark on the deadline is not the deadline date.

■ When you bring it to the university reception
Please submit the application documents in the "Graduate School Application Documents" envelope. The examination slip is mailed later.
[Submission address] Teikyo University Itabashi Campus Office, Academic Affairs Division, Graduate School (Graduate School of Medicine)
2-11-1 Kaga, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-8605 [Main Building, 2nd floor, University Building]
Transportation access to Itabashi Campus
[Reception Hours] Weekdays 8: 45-16: 45 Saturdays 8: 45-12: 00

  • *Applications are not be accepted outside of the application period.
  • *No office work is handled on Sundays, national holidays, and during the year-end and New Year holidays (Dec. 29 - Jan. 3).

Examination slip

  1. The examination slip mailed to the address of the admission form filled out by the examinee at the time of application.
  2. If you do not receive your examination slip two days before the test date, or if your examination slip is lost or soiled, please contact the Graduate School of Graduate School of Medicine, Teikyo University Itabashi Campus Office, Academic Affairs Division.

Notes on Application

  1. If the application documents are incomplete, we do not accept them.
  2. Changes in documents, major subjects, etc. after application are not permitted under any circumstances.
  3. The submitted application documents and entrance examination fee are not refunded for any reason.
  4. We cannot respond to inquiries regarding submitted application documents.
  5. Even after the admission procedures have been completed, the university reserves the right to cancel the admission if the submitted documents are found to be inaccurate.
  6. If you apply in the workers quota and do not decide to work (School of Medicine faculty, late-stage residents, etc.) in the Faculty of School of Medicine (including the university hospital) by April 1, 2022, we change the quota to the general quota.

Special considerations for taking exams and studying
If you need special consideration for taking the exam or studying due to physical dysfunction, illness, illness, etc., before applying (at least 2 weeks before the application deadline), please contact Teikyo University Itabashi Campus Office, Academic Affairs Division, Graduate School of Medicine [TEL: 03-3964-3294]. Please apply after the correspondence of our university is decided. Please note that we may not be able to respond to your request. Also, if you need special consideration after filing due to an unexpected accident, please contact us immediately.

It is a comprehensive judgment of written examination, oral examination, and document examination (statement of reason for aspiration, etc.).

Timetable and precautions for taking the exam

We will introduce the main research contents and career paths in detail for each major subject.

The field of Structural and Functional Medicine

1 Cell Histology (Itabashi) 2 Neuroscience (Itabashi)
3 Biochemistry / Clinician Science (Itabashi) 4 Biomaterial Chemistry (Itabashi)

The field of Basic Pathology

5 Human pathology / pathological diagnosis (Itabashi / Chiba / Mizoguchi) 6 Neuropharmacology (Itabashi)
7 Infectious Immunopathology Control (Itabashi) 8 Medical Mycology (Itabashi)
9 Space Environmental Medicine (Itabashi) 10 Transplant immunology / tumor immunology (Itabashi)
11 International Infectious Diseases and Crisis Management (Itabashi)    

The field of Social Health Medicine

12 Public Health Medicine (Itabashi) 13 Forensic medicine (Itabashi)
14 Community medicine (Chiba) 15 Clinical Trials (Itabashi)

The field of Organ System Pathology

16 Endocrinology / Metabolism / Diabetology (Itabashi) 17 Immunity / Metabolism (Itabashi)
18 Endocrinology / Metabolism (Chiba) 19 Metabolism / Diabetology (Mizoguchi)
20 Nephrology (Itabashi / Chiba / Mizoguchi) 21 Internal Medicine (Itabashi)
22 Hematological oncology (Mizoguchi / Chiba) 23 Gastrointestinal Internal Medicine (Itabashi / Chiba)
24 Gastroenterology and Liver Internal Medicine (Itabashi) 25 Gastrointestinal endoscopy (Mizoguchi)
26 Liver immunometabolism (Mizoguchi) 27 Respiratory and allergology (Itabashi)
28 Respiratory pathophysiology (Chiba) 29 Respiratory Internal Medicine (Mizoguchi)
30 Biodefense Infectious Diseases (Itabashi) 31 Cardiology (Itabashi)
32 Cardiovascular disease (Chiba / Mizoguchi) 33 Neurology (Itabashi / Chiba)
34 Pediatrics (Itabashi / Mizoguchi) 35 Comprehensive Internal Medicine (Mizoguchi)
36 Neonatology (Itabashi) 37 Dermatology (Itabashi / Chiba)
38 Radiation Diagnosis / Radiation Oncology (Itabashi / Mizoguchi) 39 Surgery synthesis (Itabashi)
40 Breast Oncology (Itabashi) 41 Hepatobiliary Pancreas / Transplant Surgery (Itabashi)
42 Pediatric Surgery (Itabashi) 43 Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery (Itabashi / Chiba)
44 Lower Gastrointestinal Surgery (Itabashi / Chiba) 45 Endoscopic Surgery (Mizoguchi)
46 Thoracic Surgery (Itabashi) 47 Cardiovascular Surgery (Itabashi / Chiba)
48 Musculoskeletal reconstruction / regeneration
((Itabashi / Chiba / Mizonokuchi)
49 Obstetrics and Gynecology and Gynecology (Itabashi)
50 Neuro Surgery (Itabashi) 51 Otorhinolaryngology (Itabashi / Chiba)
52 Visual pathology (Itabashi) 53 Urology Surgery
((Itabashi / Chiba / Mizonokuchi)
54 Formation / Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (Itabashi)    

The field of Comprehensive Pathology

55 Psychiatry and Neuroscience (Itabashi) 56 Rehabilitation medicine (Itabashi / Mizoguchi / Chiba)
57 Laboratory Medicine (Itabashi) 58 Oriental medicine (Itabashi)
59 Anesthesiology (Itabashi / (Chiba) / Mizoguchi) 60 Pain science (Chiba)
61 Emergency Disaster Medicine (Itabashi) 62 Intensive care medicine (Chiba)

Oncologist training course

63 Clinical Oncology (Itabashi) 64 Palliative Medicine (Itabashi)
65 Surgery / Procedure (Itabashi)    

Click here for admission guidelines
(Includes application qualifications, documents, examination subjects, and time of examination)