Graduate School of Medical Care and Technology
GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICAL CARE AND TECHNOLOGY Graduate School of Medical Care and Technology

Number of students to be admitted

Major Master's and Master's programs Doctoral Program
General Entrance Exam General Entrance Exam
Division of Orthoptics 10
Division of Nursing 10
Division of Clinical Radiology 10 2
Division of Clinical Laboratory Medicine 10 2
Division of Emergency Care 5


Division of Sport and Health Science 15 -
Division of Judo Therapy 6 -

Test schedule


Type Application Period Test date * 2 Results Announcement
Admission procedure
The deadline * 1
1st 2023年
11月18日(木) 12月1日(金) 12月7日(木)
2nd 2024年
3月9日(土) 3月15日(金) 3月21日(木)
  • * 1Applicants who do not complete the entrance procedures (payment by bank transfer) by the deadline for admission procedures will be deemed to have no intention of enrolling, and their admission will be cancelled.
  • * 2The entrance examination date for the Division of Judo Therapy may be changed due to the national examination date for judo therapists.


Application qualifications and requirements

Master's Degree Program  Doctoral Program

Information for individual admission qualification examination

If you wish to request an individual review of your application qualifications, please visit the following page.

Information for individual admission qualification examination

Regarding prior consultation with a faculty member with whom you'd like advice


  1. Those eligible for prior consultation
    All applicants who wish to apply to the Graduate School of Medical Care and Technology, regardless of whether they are from off-campus or on-campus (including those enrolled at the university), are required to take a prior consultation.
  2. Teachers wishing to provide guidance
    Please refer to the Student Recruitment Guidelines.
  3. Period
    Please consult with us at least one month before the start of application.
  4. 申込方法
    【メールタイトル】「医療技術学研究科 事前相談希望」
  5. Documents to be submitted
    No special requirements. However, there may be cases in which you will be asked to submit the required documents by your division, in which case we will contact you separately.

About long-term courses

In order to support working adults, long-term enrolment is a way for completing a course of study over a predetermined amount of time longer than the typical term of study.

Length of study (years of enrollment in parentheses)
Master's degree programs: 3 years (4 years)
Doctoral course: 4 years (6 years)

Tuition fees
The total amount of the standard term of study divided by the number of years of long-term study allowed is the tuition fee for one year. (An additional insurance fee for the number of years is required.)

Change of Application Period and Enrollment Period
Those who wish to enroll in long-term courses must apply at the time of application. Application after enrollment is not acceptable. Please note that you may only change your long-term study period once, and the period may be shortened by one year.

How to apply
Please fill out the "Application for Long-term Enrollment" form. In the "Reason for Application" column, please indicate the specific reason(s) why you wish to take a long-term course of study. In addition, please obtain the opinion and seal of approval from your prospective academic advisor after thorough consultation during the " Prior Consultation with Prospective Academic Advisor". The "Application for Long-term Study" must be submitted at the time of application.

  • *For details, please inquire at each division's application office.

Application documents

Master's Degree Program  Doctoral Program

Click here to download the prescribed form

Entrance examination fee

35,000 yen

How to pay the entrance examination fee

Please pay from the entrance examination fee settlement guidance.
Guidance URL
Please pay from the Guidance for Payment of Application Fee. Prior request for application is required before payment. Please access the "Guidance for Payment of Application Fee" site and enter the prescribed information required for payment. When entering the information, you will need to enter your reference number. Please enter the 8-digit number [12345678] as your "reference number". After entering the information, please select a payment method and pay at the payment institution you have selected (in addition to the application fee, a handling fee of 1,100 yen per payment will be charged).
After entering the information, select the payment method and pay at the payment institution of your choice (in addition to the entrance examination fee, a payment fee of 1,100 yen will be charged for each case). We will send you a payment confirmation email as soon as we can confirm it. Please access the "Admission Examination Fee Settlement Guidance" from the URL in the payment confirmation email, print out the "Certificate of Storage" and paste it in the designated field on the storage slip (If you do not receive the email, access it from the URL). You will receive a confirmation email once the application fee payment has been verified. Please access the "Guidance for Payment of Application Fee" site from the URL in the confirmation email, print out the "Proof of Payment" and affix it to the corresponding space on the storage slip (if you do not receive an email, please access the site from the URL).
The application period extends from one week before the start date of the application period to 16:30 on the day of the application deadline.

How to apply

By mail (must arrive by the deadline)
Please send the application documents (with the examination fee paid by bank transfer and stamped by the financial institution) in an envelope marked as "Graduate School Application Documents inside the envelope (大学院出願書類在中)" and be sure to mail it from the post office by "registered mail".
Please keep the "Registered Mail Receipt (書留郵便物受領証)" issued by the post office.
Applications must arrivebefore the deadline date.The postmark on the deadline is not valid.

■ When bringing the documents to the counter
Please submit the application package in an envelope to each campus where you will apply.


Major Application destination Reception time
Division of Orthoptics
Division of Nursing
Division of Clinical Radiology
Division of Clinical Laboratory Medicine
Division of Emergency Care
Teikyo University Itabashi Campus
Graduate School of Medical Care and Technology, Academic Affairs Division

2-11-1 Kaga, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-8605
TEL: 03-3964-7051 (direct)
[Weekdays] 8: 45-16: 45
[Saturday] 8: 45-12: 00
Division of Judo Therapy Teikyo University Utsunomiya Campus
Graduate School of Medical Care and Technology, Student Support Team 

1-1 Toyosatodai Toyosatodai, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi 320-8551
TEL: 028-627-7123
Division of Sport and Health Science 帝京大学八王子キャンパス

〒192-0395 東京都八王子市大塚359
[Weekdays] 8:45-16:30
[Saturday] 8:45-12:30
  • *Applications cannot be submitted outside of the designated application period.
  • *No office service is available on Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (12/29 - 1/3), and during undergraduate university entrance examination dates.
  • *Please call in advance when bringing the application to the counter, as admission may be restricted due to university events, etc.
  • *Contact by e-mail will be accepted only for applications for prior consultation with the faculty member with whom you wish to have a mentoring session.

Notes on Application

  1. If the application documents are incomplete, we will not accept them.
  2. Submitted application materials and the application fee will not be returned.
  3. Once the application has been submitted, no changes to the documents will be allowed under any circumstances.
  4. Even after the admission procedures have been completed, the university reserves the right to cancel the admission if the submitted documents are found to be inaccurate.

If you require any special assistance in taking the entrance examination or studying at the university due to a physical disability, illness, or disease, please notify the department office in advance of application (at least two weeks before the application deadline). After the university's response to your request has been decided, you will be asked to submit your application. Please note that there are cases in which the university may not be able to fulfill your request. In addition, if you require any special attention after your application due to unforeseen accidents, etc., please contact us as soon as possible.

Selection of applicants will be based on a comprehensive evaluation of the written examination (in the field of specialization and foreign language [English]), oral examination, and research plan.

Timetable and precautions for taking the exam

Click here for admission guidelines
(Includes application qualifications, documents, examination subjects, and time of examination)