Teikyo University Junior College's Education and Research Objectives
Teikyo University Junior College's Education and Research Objectives

Basic Organization and Objectives in Education and Research

Teikyo University Junior College Academic Regulations (Excerpt)

Chapter 1 Purpose and Mission

Article 1
In accordance with the Fundamental Law of Education and the School Education Law, as well as the spirit of the university's founding: "This Junior College aims to educate professional individuals with a great sense of creativity and human compassion through practical learning, people who invest all their efforts in learning how to overcome prejudice, acquire extensive knowledge, and make decisions from a global perspective." In accordance with the above provisions, our mission is to provide students with a broad and deep education and specialized knowledge on top of their high school education, to improve their personal qualities, and to develop human resources who will be useful to society and the public,

Educational purpose of Teikyo University Junior College

Teikyo University Junior College Educational Objectives and Three Policies

Information about studying at Teikyo University Junior College

Bachelor's degree

Departments Bachelor's degree
Department of Human Cultures Junior College (Human Cultures)
Department of Contemporary Business Junior College Graduate (Contemporary Business)

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