Graduate School of Health Sciences
GRADUATE SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES Graduate School of Health Sciences

Number of students to be admitted

Major Number of students to be admitted
Division of Radiological Sciences Master's Program 5
Doctoral Program 2
Division of Nursing Master's Program 5

Test schedule


時期 Application Period Selection Test Date The announcement of results 入学手続
1st 2023年10月23日(月)
11月18日(土) 12月1日(金) 12月11日(月)
2nd 2024年2月13日(火)
3月9日(土) 3月14日(木) 3月21日(水)
  • * If you do not complete the admission procedure (transfer procedure) by the admission procedure deadline, we consider that you have no intention of admission and revoke your admission.


Application qualifications and requirements

Master's programs  Doctoral programs

Information for individual admission qualification examination

If you wish to request an individual review of your application qualifications, please visit the following page.

Information for individual admission qualification examination

Prior consultation with faculty members whom you wish to be instructed

Click here for prior consultation with faculty members whom you wish to be instructed.

Long-term course system

In order to support working adults, long-term enrolment is a way for completing a course of study over a predetermined amount of time longer than the typical term of study.

Period of study (the maximum period of study)
Master's programs: 3 years (4 years)
Doctoral programs: 4 years (6 years)

Tuition fees
The total amount of the standard period of study (admission fee and insurance fee are paid at the time of admission procedure) divided by the long-term study period is regarded as the tuition fee for one year.

Change of application time and course period
Those who wish to take long-term courses should apply at the time of application. You cannot apply it after the enrollment. The long-term course period can be changed only once and shortened by one year.

How to apply
Please order the "Long-term Course Application Form" from the application destination (Fukuoka Campus Office, Academic Affairs Division). Please fill in the required items on the "Long-term Course Application Form". In the "Reason for application" column, please specify the specific reason why you would like to take a long-term course. In addition, please obtain the opinions and approval stamps of the instructors who are in charge of the instruction after thorough discussions at the time of "prior consultation with the instructor whom you wish to be instructed".

  • * Please contact the applicant for details.

Application documents

Master's programs  Doctoral programs

Click here to download the prescribed form

Entrance examination fee

35,000 yen

How to pay the entrance examination fee

Please pay from the entrance examination fee settlement guidance
Guidance URL
Prior application is required before payment. Please access the "Admissions Examination Fee Payment Guidance" site and enter the required information for payment. In addition, it is necessary to enter the "reference number" when entering. For the "reference number", enter 8-digit number for example 【12345678】.
After entering the information, select the payment method and pay at the payment institution of your choice (in addition to the entrance examination fee, a payment fee of 1,100 yen is charged for each case). We will send you a payment confirmation email as soon as we confirm the payment of the entrance examination fee. Please access the "Admission Examination Fee Settlement Guidance" site from the URL in the payment confirmation email, print out the "Certificate of Receipt" and paste it in the designated field on the slip (If you do not receive the email, access it from the URL).
[Application period] From one week before the application start date to 16:30 on the application deadline

How to apply

■ When mailing (must arrive on the deadline)

  • Please put the application documents in the envelope of "Graduate School Application Documents in progress" and be sure to mail it from the post office by "registered mail".
  • Please keep the "registered mail / delivery record mail receipt" issued by the post office in a safe place.
  • The application must arrive by the deadline. The postmark on the deadline is not valid.

■ When you bring it to the university window

Please put the set of application documents in the envelope of "Graduate School Application Documents in progress" and bring it with you.

Department of Division of Radiological Sciences Division of Nursing

Graduate School of Health Sciences Academic Affairs Division, Fukuoka Campus, Teikyo University
6-22 Misakimachi Misaki-machi, Omuta-shi, Fukuoka 836-8505
TEL: 0944-88-8679 E-mail:
[Reception Hours] Weekdays 8: 50-16: 30 Saturdays 8: 50-12: 00

  • *Applications cannot be submitted outside of the designated application period.
  • * We do not handle office work on Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (12 / 29-1 / 3), and university (undergraduate) entrance examination days.
  • *Please call in advance when bringing the application to the counter, as admission may be restricted due to university events, etc.
  • *Contact by e-mail will be accepted only for applications for prior consultation with the faculty member with whom you wish to have a mentoring session.

Notes on Application

  1. If the application documents are incomplete, we will not accept them.
  2. The submitted application documents and entrance examination fee will not be refunded.
  3. Once the application has been submitted, no changes to the documents will be allowed under any circumstances.
  4. Even after the admission procedures have been completed, the university reserves the right to cancel the admission if the submitted documents are found to be inaccurate.

Special Considerations for Examinations and Study

If you need special consideration for the examination and study due to physical disability, illness, illness, etc., please notify the application destination of your major before applying (at least 2 weeks before the application deadline). Please apply after the correspondence of our university is decided. Please note that we may not be able to respond to your request.
In addition, please contact us immediately if special consideration is required after application due to an unexpected accident (onset of illness).

Exam subject and exam time

The selection of enrollees is made by a comprehensive judgment of written examinations [specialized fields and foreign languages (English)], oral examinations, research plans, etc.

time contents of the test
8:30~9:15 Examination room entry time
  • * Please be seated by 9:15. However, you cannot enter the room until 8:30.
9:20~9:30 Instructions for taking the exam
9:30~11:00 Written exam [specialty and foreign language (English)]
  • * You can bring your own dictionary
11:10~ Oral exam
  • * The dictionaries that can be brought into the written test are English-Japanese dictionaries and English-Japanese dictionaries related to medical terms. However, you are not allowed to bring in electronic dictionaries.

Click here for admission guidelines
(Includes application qualifications, documents, examination subjects, and time of examination)