Graduate Degree Program of Comprehensive Applied Data Science


Number of students to be admitted

Master's Program Number of students to be admitted
Graduate Degree Program of Comprehensive Applied Data Science 7 people

Test schedule

Course Type Application period
<Entry must arrive on the deadline>
Test Day
Results Announcement
Deadline for Admission procedure
Where to submit the application

Master's Program

Phase I 2022
August 15th(Monday)
-August 19th (Friday)
September 24th (Saturday) September 29th(Thursday) October 5th (Wednesday) Hachioji
Admissions Group
Phase II 2022
October 11th (Tuesday)
~ October 14th (Friday)
November 19th (Saturday) November 28th (Monday) December 5th (Monday)
Phase III 2022
December 19th (Monday)
~ December 23rd (Friday)
February 4th (Saturday)
February 9th (Thursday) February 16th (Thursday)
Phase IV 2023
February 6 (Monday)
~ February 10th (Friday)
March 6th (Monday) March 9th (Thursday) March 15th (Wednesday)
  • * If you do not complete the admission procedure (transfer procedure) by the admission procedure deadline, we will consider that you have no intention of admission and will revoke your admission.


  • (1) Those who have graduated from a university.
  • (2)学校教育法第104条第7項の規定により学士の学位を授与された者
  • (3)Those who have completed 16 years of school education in foreign countries.
  • (4)Those who have completed 16 years of school education in foreign countries by taking correspondence courses offered by foreign schools in Japan.
  • (5)専修学校の専門課程(修業年限が4年以上であることその他の文部科学大臣が定める基準を満たすものに限る。)で文部科学大臣が別に指定するものを文部科学大臣が定める日以後に修了した者
  • (6)文部科学大臣の指定した者
  • (7)本プログラムの定めるところにより、個別の入学資格審査をもって、大学を卒業した者と同等以上の学力があると認めた者で、22歳に達したもの


  • (1)出願に際しては、出願資格に関わらず指導を希望する教員との事前相談が必要です(学生募集要項参照)。
  • (2)卒業、修了、学位授与が見込みでの出願者については、2023年4月入学時までに出願資格を得られなかった場合は、入学許可を取消し、入学検定料を除く納入済みの金額を返還いたします。ただし、返金時に発生する振込手数料は出願者の負担となります。
  • (3)本プログラムでは、優れた研究業績を上げた者には、本学大学院学則第27条に規定する在学期間を短縮して早期修了(最短で1年)することを認められる場合があります。早期修了を検討している場合は、出願前の事前相談時に希望指導教員に申し出てください。

Information for individual admission qualification examination

If you wish to request an individual review of your application qualifications, please visit the following page.

Information for individual admission qualification examination

Application documents

List of application documents

Entrance examination fee (examination fee)

35,000 yen

  • *The application fee paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. 


  • (1)支払いの前に、事前申し込みが必要です。「入学検定料決済ガイダンス」サイトにアクセスし、支払いに必要な所定の情報を入力してください。なお、入力時に「整理番号」を入力する必要があります。「整理番号」は【12345678】と8桁の数字を入力してください。
  • (2)After entering your information, select a payment method and pay with your chosen payment institution.
  • (3)入学検定料の納入が確認でき次第、入金確認メールを送信します。入金確認メールの記載のURLから「入学検定料決済ガイダンス」サイトにアクセスし、「収納証明」を印刷し、保管票の所定欄に貼付してください(メールが届かない場合、上記URLからアクセスしてください)。

The application period extends from one week before the start date of the application period to 16:30 on the day of the application deadline.

How to apply


  1. When mailing
    • 出願書類を封筒に入れ、郵便局より必ず「書留」で出願期間内に郵送してください。郵便局が発行する「書留・特定記録郵便物等受領証」は大切に保管してください。
    • Application documents must arrive by the application deadline. The postmark on the application deadline is not valid.
  2. When you bring it to the counter
    • Please put the application documents in an envelope and bring it to each campus where you apply.

    〒192-0395 東京都八王子市大塚359
    【受付時間】月曜~金曜 8:45~17:00 土曜 8:45~12:30

    • *Applications cannot be submitted outside of the designated application period.
    • 日曜・祝日および大学(学部)入学試験日の事務取扱はいたしません。
    • 大学行事等で入構が制限される場合もあるため、窓口に持参するときは事前に電話で確認してください。

Notes on Application

  1. If the application documents are incomplete, we will not accept them.
  2. 提出された出願書類および納入された入学検定料は、いかなる理由があっても返還しません。
  3. Once the application has been submitted, no changes to the documents will be allowed under any circumstances.
  4. 出願書類に記入した住所・連絡先に変更が生じた場合は、直ちに帝京大学八王子キャンパス入試グループヘ申し出てください。
  5. Even after completing the admission procedure, if you find something that is not true in the submitted documents, your admission may be revoked.

Special Considerations for Examinations and Study

If you require special assistance for examination and study due to physical disability, illness or disease, please notify the Admissions Group at Teikyo University Hachioji Campus (TEL: 042-678-3317) prior to application (at least two weeks before the application deadline). You will be asked to submit your application after a decision has been made on how the university will respond to your request. Please note that there are cases in which the university may not be able to fulfill your request.
In addition, if you require any special attention after your application due to unforeseen accidents, etc., please contact us as soon as possible.

Click here for admission guidelines
(Includes application qualifications, documents, examination subjects, and time of examination)