Tax Incentives
Tax Incentives

Tax reduction and exemption measures for donations

The university has been certified as a "specified public interest promotion corporation" that can receive tax benefits to those who donate. If an individual makes a donation to the University, he / she can receive tax incentives.

For individuals

(1) Tax reduction and exemption measures for donations

When filing your tax return, you can choose from two systems, the "tax credit system" and the "income deduction system", to receive a tax refund.

The amount of deduction varies depending on the individual's income tax rate, donation amount, etc., so please choose the one that is advantageous.

Tax credit system

40% of the donation amount minus 2,000 yen is tax deductible. Since the deduction amount calculated based on the donation amount is directly deducted from the tax amount regardless of the tax rate, the tax reduction effect of small donations is high.

(Donation amount spent during the year * 1-2 thousand yen) x 40% = Tax credit (from income tax amount) * 2

  • * 1 Up to 40% of the total income amount is tax deductible.
  • * 2 The tax reduction amount is limited to 25% of the income tax amount.

Income deduction system

It is a system that allows you to deduct the amount of donation minus 2,000 yen from the amount of income. After deducting income, multiply by the tax rate to calculate the amount of income tax. The feature is that the tax reduction effect is high when the donation amount is large relative to the income amount.

(Donation amount spent during the year * 1-2 thousand yen) = Income deduction amount * 3

  • * Up to 40% of the total income amount is tax deductible.
  • * It will be deducted from the taxable income amount.

(2) Individual inhabitant tax donation tax credit (only for local governments designated by the ordinance of the university)

The following local public organizations (as of November 2019) whose address on January 1st of the following year after donating to Teikyo University are designated by the Ordinance as eligible for donation tax credit are the following year. You are eligible for a donation tax credit for your personal residence tax.

  • Prefectures: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Tochigi, Yamanashi, Gifu, Fukuoka
  • Municipalities: <Tokyo> Itabashi Ward, Hachioji City, Tama City, <Kanagawa Prefecture> Kawasaki City, Sagamihara City, Hakone Town, <Tochigi Prefecture> Utsunomiya City, <Yamanashi Prefecture> All Municipalities, <Gifu Prefecture> Kani City, <Fukuoka Prefecture> Omuta City

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